5 Electric Daisy Carnivals and Counting!

5 Electric Daisy Carnivals and Counting!

Electric Daisy Carnival started out as a fun festival my husband (then boyfriend and I) started attending in 2012. Little did we know what a powerful impact it would have on our relationship and our view of the EDM world. You really feel like you are in an alternate reality and that you are living as your true self, free of judgment and surrounded by positivity. EDC has really helped me discover that I am passionate about this entire community and everything it stands for. I love everything about this festival, there really is no way for me to even begin describing it to others. I always thought I would outgrow “raving” as I progressed through my career in Digital Marketing, but the truth is that I find myself eager to attend more and more events and really immerse myself in the culture. The rest is history, and with 5 EDCs and countless Insomniac events under my belt, I decided to start a festival fashion blog and pursue my passion for spreading inspiration and PLUR vibes to others.

I love dressing up and expressing myself! Went as a mermaid in 2014.

Our first EDC in 2012! White Wonderland was our first Insomniac event and we were instantly hooked.

Neon Garden has become my favorite tent!

I love all of the beautiful art installations and creativity that goes into this event.

Electric Daisy Carnival Tickets & Info


EDC Portugal EDC Mexico EDC Las Vegas EDC Orlando
June 18-20, 2021 September 3-5, 2021 October 22-24, 2021 November 12-14, 2021
Portimão, Portugal Mexico City Las Vegas, NV Orlando, FL


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I’ve been an avid music festival goer for over 8 years now and was introduced to the scene by my boyfriend at the time (now husband) and haven’t looked back since. I truly believe in this culture and everything it stands for. From the amazing music, to the friendly community, and of course one of my favorite things, the ability to express and share your personal style with like-minded individuals. It has been such a great experience to be part of the dance music community and to meet so many wonderful individuals throughout my journey.