5 MUST HAVE Dresses for your Closet: EDM Style Guide by Samantha

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5 MUST HAVE Dresses for your Closet.

I’m going to be real ladies, I’m not a huge fan of dresses myself.  I can’t remember the last time I actually wore a dress, unless we’re throwing it back to the college days when I thought boxed hair dye was cute and bottom eyeliner.

Now that times have changed, Sister here has *glowed* up and I’m going to put you on the straight edge to do the same. I have to say that my closet used to be all black… all the way down the laces until I realized that I constantly was dressing like I was heading to an Italian Christening and I needed to do something about it. Since then, I’ve been OBSESSED with bright colors and fun patterns and honestly it just makes me feel much more fab-u-lous. We’re about to step into spring and for this festival season, we have to make a pact, right now, that you’re gonna add a little spice to the dish… and that dish is YOU!

We all love those days where we wear a BOMB AF outfit and are really feeling ourselves so why not do it everyday?! These dresses are seriously essentials and they’re gonna give you the spicyness this sista knows you need. You’re already dope, why not be even doper?

yellow california dreaming embroidered oversized t-shirt dressI can’t stress enough how much I absolutely adore T-Shirt dresses. Literally, everything about them makes my entire day better. You can pair this oversized tee with your favorite kicks or thigh-highs and you’ll be SLAYING. It’s super comfy and you can dance the night away without feeling suffocated in your outfit. Sista lives to be comfy and this is definitely an outfit you’ll be comfortable in. The best part of this cutie is that its YELLOWWWWW and yellow/mustard is EVERYTHING right now. Seriously, don’t knock it until you try it because you will love the way this color looks and feels when you’re checkin’ yourself out in the mirror. Caution: You’ll find yourself immediately dancing when looking in the mirror.

Oversized T-shirt Dress $31.00

white mesh t-shirt dressAnother T-Shirt Dress necessity to your collection is this one. Mesh is a love right now so that means a mesh T-Shirt dress is an adore. I am completely obsessed with this dress that you can pair with a cute mini-backpack and docs to match. You’ll definitely be taking an Instagram worthy pic in this outfit. No filter needed for how good you’re about to look in this outfit. Trust me. Am I ever wrong? (Don’t answer that but when it comes to EDM Style, the answer is NEGATIVE)

White Mesh T-Shirt Dress $26.00

burgundy side stripe bodycon dressI’m getting some serious Kardashian and Jenner vibes in this sporty bodycon. Who doesn’t want to feel like Kylie Jenner for the night? This bodycon is about to break necks when you step into the venue. You’re about to look so good that if I were Tiesto, I would be whipping you onto stage with me so I could look as good as you. The sports stripe look is super trendy right now and thrown onto a dress just makes the look even more to die for.

Burgundy Side Stripe Bodycon Dress $26.00

snakeskin print square neck mini dressThis snake skin cutie is seriously the move right now. Like I said, our goal is to stop dressing like we’re heading to a black tie event everyday. Our resolution this semester is to switch it up. We’re switching right into the snake skin lane. You can dress up or dress down this with a pair of white vans or platform booties, at this point you could wear shark slippers and everyone will still be staring. You’re queen for the night in this babe!

Snakeskin Print Square Neck Mini Dress $34.00

yellow snake print strappy mini dressNow if you learned anything today then it’s yellow and snake skin are the holy grail of 2018’s looks right now. This strappy amazing bodycon is YOUR outfit now and I know you’re gonna throw it together to make it one hell of a look. I’m feeling some seriously good vibes in this outfit, it’s speaking to my EDM soul. Seriously this one won’t break your bank but it’ll break necks. Cop this one now and you’ll be feelin’ yourself.

Yellow Snake Print Strappy Mini Dress $21.00

OKUUUUUUR, we’re gonna stick to our word and work on adding some fun, vibrant patterns and colors to our wardrobe this festival season. I already see it now, you glowing, front row at Ultra singing along to your favorite DJ living for this night because you look amazing, feel amazing and you ARE amazing! Don’t ever forget yellow and snakeskin are everything but it’s YOU that makes it everything right now, sistaaa. Stay tuned next week for the must- have colors to bring into your wardrobe this festival season.

-Samantha Hogya

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