5 Reasons Nilla Green’s “AHH YEAH” Should Be In Your Playlist

Nilla Green Ahh Yeah

Nilla Green says he’s got 5 reasons “AHH YEAH” should be in your playlist!

“AHH YEAH” is a track I would definitly put on my playlist.  At first listen, the intro captured my attention.  The curious beats took me through an musical journey of hip hop and moombahton.  The rap vocals added a special characteristic, making the track stand out.  For every play, “AHH YEAH” had me poppin my bootay (in the privacy of my home, of course!) The digital tones and twerk transitions are fun and I can totally see this track appealing to a Destructo type of crowd.

5 Reasons “AHH YEAH” Should Be In Your Playlist


It’s a party track! When you’re having a festive gathering and someone’s says “play something we can dance to”, Ahh Yeah is the one.


It’s different! Plain and simple it doesn’t sound like anything you’ve ever heard before. It expands the mind.


It’s genre blending. It’s has elements of EDM/Moombahton and Hip Hop/Twerk in it.


The beat bangs! The drop of this song goes so hard. It starts with a trap/Twerk best then transitions into a Moombahton style Keeps you moving!


Vocals are on point! “Got a bad lil chick, ahh yeah”, it’s so smooth yet bouncy at the same time. It flows well with the beat.

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