A Review of Insomniac’s Factory 93 Featuring Carl Cox

A Review of Insomniac’s Factory 93 Featuring Carl Cox

A Review of Insomniac’s Factory 93 Featuring Carl Cox.

2018 is becoming a year of so many firsts, and attending the Carl Cox event by Factory 93 was no exception! Factory 93 is the techno child of parent company Insomniac and strives to give festival goers an underground warehouse type of feel. Techno is one of my favorite genres of EDM, so I was extremely excited for my first experience to be with the legendary Carl Cox. Tickets were released months in advanced and were fairly reasonable at around $50 each. I hadn’t seen Carl Cox in 6 years and kept getting FOMO from all of his Resistance sponsored stages at Ultra, so my husband and I vowed to go no matter what! Tickets sold extremely fast, so I am really grateful we snagged a pair in time. Did I mention this event went from 2-10 PM? The absolute dream for me! That’s enough of a preview for now, so let’s dive into my full review of Insomniac’s Factory 93 Featuring Carl Cox!

The Venue

Upon arrival, Factory 93 is located near Downtown LA and if you’ve ever been to the City of Angels, then you know that the parking and traffic are the worst things here! Luckily, Factory 93 is by some industrial areas and we were able to park on the street relatively easy for FREE! Our spot was about a 5 minute walk to the venue and we pretty much followed the sound of the bass to the check-in line. On the walk over we spotted some fun murals and other picturesque locations, but we were eager to get in and catch Pleasurekraft.

The comfiest bodysuit from Unspoken Fashion!

The line to get in was quick for girls for some reason, but it took forever for the guys to get through. Security was pretty chill and I didn’t feel too violated when I was being patted down. As you can see in the picture above, I went all out! This bodysuit from Unspoken Fashion was the comfiest!

Once you enter the venue, you get this apocalyptic type of feel (I mean that in a good way). Brick and high buildings surround you, a train runs on the right, and graffiti decorates the tunnels. Insomniac of course added their flair and production of lights, umbrellas, and a giant disco cube! it felt like a mini EDC!

Loved these umbrellas!

The pros of the venue were the décor, sound system, stage, and the fact that there was some seating. The cons were that there were horrendously long bathroom lines (about a 45 minute wait each time for the port-o-potties), the ground to dance on was basically dirt and uneven so the mats they laid down got wrinkled and some people tripped, and the Fiji water was $7 a pop (disappointing considering Insomniac almost always has free water at their events)!

The Food and Drinks

There was a pretty decent variety of food to choose from. Everything was a food truck. Outside the venue was a Mexican type of food truck and the inside had everything from fish tacos, to chicken nuggets and fries, to pizza. I was shocked at how much food they gave! I usually eat everything in one sitting, but I actually saved the rest in my container and put it in my backpack for dinner, haha! Drinks were a rip off as always at around $12 for a beer and $17 for a single shot drink. As mentioned above the water was basically extortion at $7 each.

The Music

By far the best thing about this whole experience was the music! Pleasurekraft was amazing and Carl Cox did not disappoint one bit! Everyone couldn’t stop dancing and the sound was great as well as the stage production.

The Crowd

Overall the crowd was pretty cool! It was definitely more of a mid-twenties and up type of group and it was nice to be surrounded by fellow techno fans. Most were friendly and fun to interact with, but someone did steal my friend’s bag when we snagged a quick photo unfortunately! It all happened so fast and it’s so sad that this type of thing happens at these great events, but long story short we saw someone carrying her bag later claiming that they were going to return it (weird if you ask me), so it all worked out in the end!

There’s the disco cube

If Insomniac can continue booking this kind of talent, I would love to return to another Factory 93 event! Until next time! Looking for more reviews? Click here to see my review of CRSSD.

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