Abby Diamond Releases Sorceress EP

Abby Diamond Releases Sorceress EP

Abby Diamond is the lone vocalist and songwriter that just released her new Sorceress EP. The 5-track EP showcases the contrasting power and delicateness exuded from the vocalist’s delivery and lyrics. The artist cut her teeth in the New Orleans jazz scene, and the rich cultural influence is palpable. Her ability to entrance an audience has ignited the public’s fascination, and piqued the interest of industry tastemakers such as Spotify(Indie Pop! Playlist) and Dr. Dre (Beats of the Week on Apple Music). Sorceress is her greatest and most intimate body of work to date.

With layers of indie-pop, R&B, and electronic influence enhancing the depth of the record, Abby Diamond intimately explores the thrashings of head and heart. From the wistful yearning of “There’s a Light in My Room,” to the tender sass of “yes my heart is open, no you can’t come in,” Abby bares every facet of her soul’s deepest longings on the lush record.

Sorcery is the art of creating in the world what you see in your head. This record came together as a concept project broken into two parts, an EP (co-produced by Blue Hawaii) and a feminist coffee table art book. Together, they are a sonic and visual illustration of some of the things I’ve been thinking about for the last two years. A depiction of how I grapple with what it means to be a woman in my body.
Abby Diamond

Full Tracklist:
1. There’s a Light in My Room
2. Alex Blue
3. Good
4. yes my heart is open, no you can’t come in
5. Sorceress Outro

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An enraptured individual, moved by colors, divine intuition, and sound as the perfect expression of essence. A background of listening to Motown in the car every day of her childhood, and beginning her career as a Jazz vocalist in New Orleans have shaped Abby Diamond’s unique voice and presence. She leads an all-women band and has shared stages with acts like Neon Indian, Gryffin, Mystery Skulls, French Horn Rebellion, and Hoodie Allen. Playing with deep rhythmic pockets and electronic elements, this vocalist, composer, and producer is a force of nature and feminine power.

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