Adam K & Soha Remix & The REUNION Tour

Adam K & Soha Return With

‘Never Coming Home’

Remix & The REUNION Tour

Legendary progressive house duo Adam K & Soha make their return with a stunning remix of ‘Never Coming Home’ by FWLR feat. Kinley. Complete with smooth bass lines and a melodic synth, complemented by Kinley’s soulful and soothing vocals, expect the classic euphoric Adam K & Soha sound that the world has come to love over the years. As the first release for the duo since 2013, it’s clear the guys have stayed true to their original style of music.‘Never Coming Home’ release 10/25 on all major music retailers.

After partnering in 2006 and making their claim to fame as the top electronic music remixers, Adam K & Soha took a break in 2013 to pursue personal projects. They have since reunited and embarked on the REUNION tour after a huge interest and demand by longtime fans. On Saturday October 8th, the duo makes a stop in San Francisco at Verso as a West Coast date on the highly anticipated tour.

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