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EDM Style Guide 2015-02-05

I see you’ve made your way back to me one way or another so now that I know you trust a sister’s judgement, I’m going to fill you in on some more of my dirty little secrets. Don’t even tell me you weren’t waiting for my next post, staring at the calendar waiting for it to be Monday all over again so you can sit shot gun right beside me on this trendy journey we’ve started together. Now that I’ve filled you in on some dope camo fashion featuring yours truly, I wanted to give you some tips on some more essentials you need to tuck away in your closet. You need to know that they’re must haves and perfect for the next time you procrastinate, like me, buying tickets to a show or a festival and you have about 3 hours to put together a head to toe outfit that has to be serving looks. I’m letting you know now that if you keep these MUST HAVES around, you’ll be thanking me later.


Vans Canvas Old Skool Black & White ShoesFirst things first, if you don’t own a pair of vans, especially these, than you gotta check these out! I hope as you’re getting to the end of this sentence, you’re adding these to your cart. Let me tell you, these vans give me life and revive the lives of those around you. The classic Old Skool black and white pair, they’re not a want, they’re definitely a NEED. I recently hopped on the van train and I couldn’t be loving it anymore.  This sister won’t be getting off at the next stop because these shoes are an essential to your collection along with your Dr.Martens. They super trendy for whatever vibes you’re going for and they keep your feet from anyone even daring to step on them. Wear these with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a bodysuit or your favorite bodycon and I promise you’ll be killing the game. So again, yes, NEED!

Vans Canvas Old Skool Black & White Shoes $60.00

blue oversized denim jacketQuick! If you don’t have about a hundred denim jackets in your wardrobe than this sister is gonna help you out, starting with this one. Oversized denim jackets are for real, for real, what you need right now. I can’t tell you how many nights were saved with my favorite distressed denim jacket. Don’t sit here and tell me you’ve never had one of those nights when you can’t figure out what to wear and 60 seconds later you’re over it and don’t even wanna leave the house anymore. Seriously, invest in a denim jacket and you won’t regret it. We’ve all been there. You’re not you when you aren’t trendy.

Blue Oversized Denim Jacket $60.00

Light Wash Extreme Distressed Boyfriend JeanIf there ever was a trend I fell harder in love with then I ever thought possible, it would be boyfriend jeans. Love, love, LOVE! Talk about must having to own enough to build a house out of them. I absolutely love boyfriend jeans and I could live in them for the rest of my life if it ever came down to it. Wearing them gives such chill vibes when throwing them on with a knotted oversized tee BUT can be made a little more risque when you pair them with a killer bodysuit whether it’s opened back or mesh, you’ll see eyes following you all night.

Light Wash Extreme Distressed Boyfriend Jean $42.00

Connection Lost HatDad hats…where do I even begin? Well, we can start with the endless bad hair days that throwing on a dad hat has saved me from. Picture this, your seconds away from walking out the door, you’re hyped up and ready to go to the show, you take one last look in the mirror and well, dry shampoo just isn’t going to cut it.  You’re about to have a mental breakdown and tempted to shave your head, but wait! You don’t have to anymore because sister over here talked you into adding a dad cap to your attire and now you throw that baby on and you’re ready to dance the night away.

Connection Lost Hat $15.00

Wisp Me Away Scalloped Lace BraletteBasic? Maybe, but I’m telling you every girl needs a little black bralette in their closet. Might be hanging on your door handle but you know it’s always there. When your laundry from the weekend has piled to the ceiling and you’re left with nothing to wear, this bandeau will be your knight in shining armor. Plus, what’s even better is it’s so much comfier then any bra you’ll ever find. Let’s be real, who even likes wearing bras? You can wear it alone with a pair of high waisted shorts or jeans, or even throw it under a sheer mesh black top and you will have all eyes on you when you’re living it up all through the night.

Wisp Me Away Scalloped Lace Bralette $17.81

Trust me, add these staples to your wardrobe and you’ll be thanking me again later. I mean come on, who has better fashion advice then me? I know that you wanna serve looks and be the only one doing so. Stay fashion forward and ahead of the trends by reading my weekly EDM Style Guide.  Now this isn’t just my lane, it’s yours too.

~Samantha Hogya

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