Alison Wonderland: PURPLE HAIR DON’T CARE

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Lexi Young & I


I was super excited to reunite with Alison Wonderland last night in Tampa.  Her shows are so special in that they remind me that it’s good to slow down, reunite with friends, and put some real thoughts into analyzing my purpose in life. (Wow, that started off deep.)

One of WOE’s correspondents, Lexi Young, greeted me at the door with the brightest smile. I could tell from her texts on my way to the venue that she was having fun jumping around in the club as if it was the ultimate sweaty playground for adult kids. She grabbed my arm and we ventured to the side of the stage where I caught a glimpse of Alison’s tiny figure.  She almost gets lost in the production of the stage and lights. Or maybe it was my 5’2’’ height that prevented me from checking out my girl!?!

As the lights strobed over the crowd, I got a look at the die-hards closest to the stage. There was some serious connections going on between Alison, her music, and them.  Watching people identify so strongly with an artist makes me happy though can break me down if I spend too much time reflecting on the moment.

When you go to an Alison Wonderland show, you might need a shield for the emotional bomb that’s going to detonate.

Alison Wonderland Blog - TampaIf you’re going to go to, let’s say, a Justin Martin show, you’re going to have a great time paling around with people in the crowd and everyone’s like, “Whoop! Whoop! We love pizza!”  When you go to an Alison Wonderland show, you might need a shield for the emotional bomb that’s going to detonate.  Between her music, her live streams, and her twitter engagement with the world, she really touches home for a large amount of listeners.  Then when you are with her at a live show, you’re reminded of the times you identified with her through her music and words, so it can be an intense couple of hours.  People were literally crying during the show. Tears of accomplishment, tears of remembrance, and tears from personal struggles endeared.

Alison’s connection is really powerful.  The stories I’ve heard from people saying that listening to her has helped them climb out from some of the deepest holes they’ve ever been stuck in.  Drowning in depression, relationship pains, suffering through the loss of loved ones, and even hardships of day-to-day life; her music has been their helping hand, reaching out and pulling them from darkness into the light.

The show brought together a wide range of people, including friends who I haven’t seen in months. Naturally, hugs and hugs and hugs with these loves.  When Alison played Flume’s music there was this release of energy that we all had that literally gave us goosebumps.  I remember a few of us holding up our arms to show the hairs on our arms sticking up.

Close your eyes, exhale deeply, and then picture yourself in a venue that’s crammed with people all doing that at the same time. Whoa, right?.  The night was full of those releasing moments.

Towards the end of her set my close friend, Jason Adamchak, turned to me and said, “It’s all worth fighting for.” He was referring to how hard he and I have had to fight in this cyclone of an industry.  All the pieces behind the electronic music scene move so fast; if you don’t have a firm stance your stay will be short and your work will be forgotten like evaporated rain after a storm.

It wasn’t just an emo free-for-all. There was also laughing and funny moments at her show. Some random guy jumped on stage (to accomplish what? I don’t know?) but he was soooo excited to have hurdled the massively high stage. He turned around and looked at the crowd, smiling at his triumph! Then he got side-checked by security and escorted off, lol.

Overall, the night was a steady roll of Alison energy. We pretended to work out when she played Kanye’s “Fade” and head banged when she dropped metal transitions. Just kidding. I totally have never head banged… but I watched as everyone else did!

Alison Wonderland’s set that had emotions running so deep. From the moment I walked in I felt good. It was a refreshing evening of kinship, sprinkled with tears that represented more than their physical form.

Her music truely brings the feels. 

She only has a few tour stops left with available tickets, so if you’re looking to go deep with her or just to check out her Aussie style, you best get online and get your tix:

Alison Wonderland Tour Dates