Ashlyn Fulton on NYC’s Newest Party, EVE

Ashlyn Fulton - EVE
Ashlyn Fulton, Photo: Cassie Sheets

Ashlyn Fulton and her partner, Damask, have curated a new monthly event called “EVE.” They have gone above and beyond with this one; selecting some of New York’s best DJ’s, a talented group of live performers, and plans for projection mapping for an enhanced visual experience.

We got with Ashlyn and asked her about this exciting new event series.  See what she has to say about EVE below.



The Bowery Electric

9:30pm 21+

RSVP for Free Entry

WOE:  What is your involvement with EVE?

AF:  I booked all of the artists, helped plan and promote the event and will be doing photo and video for the event. Damask is the founder of Fat Kitty, she had the initial idea for the EVE, she booked the live artists and ballet dancers, is making their costumes, and is creating the stage design for visual mapping.

WOE:  How this was created and organized?

AF:  Damask was the originator of the idea and brought me on to help select and book the artists. We scouted some venues and eventually landed on The Bowery Electric. We then created the flyer and event page, started reach out to sponsors, like THINX, and are now in the promo process and just making sure everything run smoothly.

WOE:  What kind of support have you received from the artists and community?

AF:  We’ve received the support from the women artists booked to play (Bad Ginger, Kristin Lush, Wendy Escobar and OHAILEIGH) as well as many other powerful industry women.  And not just women, but the guys too! The main talent buys at Webster Hall, Alex English, has given his support. We have blog support by Daily Beat, Good Looks Collective, Urban Leak, BeatMaps and now you!

WOE:  Why you think EVE will be a success?

AF:  It is the only women-focused DJ event in NYC. It will be an event where women feel welcomed and wanted. It will be the destination for female DJs who may not be from NY but come through for other shows. (Like trying to get Alison Wonderland after her Terminal 5 show!)  The event will also feature live art, ballet dancers, stage design and projection mapping.

“EVE” spotlights women in the electronic music industry and it is not an event currently being done in NYC.  The event is presented by Fat Kitty and sponsored by THINX and NYC Bass Collective. It takes place on August 24th at the Bowery Electric in Manhattan. DJs Bad Ginger, Kristin Lush, Wendy Escobar and OHAILEIGH will be kicking off the events first night.  Stage Design by Joanna Zannoni and visuals will be by Ben Moon.

View the Facebook event page HERE!