Ben Phipps Unveils New Single “Don’t Wake Me Up” feat. Mike Ruby

Following up on the success of his previous single “I Don’t Think So,” which smashed 10 million plays on Spotify, Ben Phipps returns with a follow-up that has early signs of being his most successful to date. On April 28th, Phipps returns with “Don’t Wake Me Up” featuring Mike Ruby as he continues his rapid climb to the upper echelon of music production talent around the globe.

Available: HERE

“Don’t Wake Me Up” is Ben at his finest, as he blends luscious melodies and a soothing bed of organic instrumentals for Ruby’s suave vocals to intertwine with. The rising star is known for his ability to create versatile tunes that translate seamlessly to his dynamic live setup and “Don’t Wake Me Up” fits the mold perfectly.

Benjamin Nichol Phipps, known professionally as Ben Phipps, is a twenty-six year old independent music producer hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden. His unique style of production draws influence from elements that exist in deep house, tropical house, and mainstream pop music. His catalog has seen great success over the past year including synch placement, major playlist curation, and radio support. In 2015, Ben Phipps launched 14 & 9 Records, an artist imprint that specialized in the global distribution and promotion of his original records. By pursuing various opportunities that seemed out of reach for an artist his size, Ben Phipps has met the following accomplishments over the past twelve months.

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