Borgore if You’re Reading This, It’s Never Too Late

My first assignment as a Women of EDM correspondent was to describe a significant moment where I connected with my love for electronic dance culture. The first thing that came to mind dates back to an event over 3 years ago!

July 6 th , 2014, RIP and never forget the time that Borgore took my phone and snapped a selfie real fucking quick.

My best friend and I were heading to Governors Island for rave number three of the week, running off only a few hours of sleep but still hyped to see one of our favorite DJs, Borgore, or as we like to refer to him, Asaf ~ Which is his birth name and as if we even have a right to call him that.  In our heads we like to think of him as a good friend though until this day he had no idea who we were!

Before his set started, I knew that I had to drag my best friend to the front of the stage.  I didn’t care how many people I had to shove out of the way and how many sweaty bodies I had to push through in order to be front row. Apologies to any anger I may have caused a bunch of ravers because I just HAD to be in the front.  I was going to make sure my great friend, Asaf, knew I was there.

We absolutely belonged right in the front, as we knew every song in his set. Let me tell you…. My best friend and I had the time of our life.

When his set came to an end most people left, but of course, I made us stay. Borgore hung out on stage talking to the people around him.  We patiently waited until he made his was to where we were standing. As he approached me, I found myself intensely shouting,“I NEED TO GIVE HIM MY PHONE NOW SO HE CAN TAKE A PICTURE!”

Without even considering that I might not get my phone back, I hurled my phone through the air in his direction.  The adrenaline pumping through my body made it impossible to grasp how much force was behind my throw.  It was overkill to the extent that it literally almost hit him in the face! With a speedy reflex, he caught the phone and avoided a black eye!  He didn’t think anything of the major league-style pitch and went right into selfie mode.  He turned to the crowd and snapped the pic.  He was a natural.

I don’t think he realized who’s phone it was so I impulsively climbed my friends back and yelled to Borgore, “THAT’S MY PHONE, THAT’S MY PHONE!”  He smiled and tossed the phone back to me. There it was, my selfie with Borgore.

My selfie with BorgoreWhen I look back at this picture it makes me feel accomplished.  Out of a massive crowd of people I, of course, managed to find a way to throw myself in it and make sure I didn’t go unnoticed. Asaf, if you ever read this thank you for taking the time to acknowledge me. Your music adds some much needed spice to my life.