Celebrating My Birthday During Miami Music Week

What an amazing week I had celebrating my birthday during Miami Music Week!

My friends and I all went to Miami this year to experience a nonstop music scene AND celebrate my 25th birthday. If you have never been to Miami Music Week let me just tell you this, when you make your schedule, don’t plan on sleeping because this city truly never sleeps. All throughout the week there are pool parties, cook outs, yacht parties, exclusive events, concerts all over town, and not to mention Ultra Music Festival, right in the heart of downtown. There is a lot to do and see day and night, so there is constantly options. Not feeling a pool party at the hottest hotels in downtown? More of a night owl? That’s ok! Make sure to check out Wynwood and all the other cool venues Miami has to offer, like the Treehouse or Soho Studios. If you much rather get a music festival feel, make your way to Ultra.

Miami Music Week Birthday Festivities (14)My friends and I rented out a two story Airbnb for 4 nights. We squaded up pretty deep, went to all the events we could possibly squeeze in, grubbed at some pretty cool spots, and spent a day in Miami’s Art Disrtict. MMW is a MUST on your EDM checklist. If it’s not already, let me share with you why it needs to be!


Miami Music Week Birthday Festivities (5)Wednesday kicked off day one of our game plan. I woke up to my boyfriend Grant giving me kisses with gifts in his hands and a big smile on his face. After unwrapping my gifts (I got a watch from WatchShopping!!), I opened my bedroom door in attempt to make coffee in the kitchen and was immediately stopped in my place. Balloons were EVERYWHERE! Can I just say, I have the best of best friends, ever. Jen had decorated with an arsenal of balloons to surprise me. I love her! Before we made our way downtown for the DJ Mag Pool Party, we started the day’s vibe with lunch at GLAM Vegan. It’s this amazing cafe-style restaurant, located in Wynwood. I highly recommend making a visit if you are part of the vegan community or if you are just interested in trying new things. The food was delicious and the employees are super friendly. One of the servers even brought a sangria pitcher to our table because it was my birthday. How nice!

Grant and Jen got together and ordered the cutest vegan friendly birthday cake to surprise me with after lunch. Red velvet and vanilla, with lemon frosting. Bright and tasteful made from Bunnie Cakes, a local bakery in Wynwood. It was the BEST dessert!

After filling up, we headed downtown to the Surfcomber just in time to see Claptone play his set. I liked this venue because it was right on the beach. It was so spacious in the back, with a pool, stage, and bars located on both sides. After getting that house/techno fix, we walked along the beach back to the car and went to one of Nu Management’s take over parties at Ms.cheezious. Ms.cheezious is a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese, which they were giving away for free at the party. The restaurant had a backyard area, with picnic tables and of course, the event was set up for the DJ’s to deliver some bass. I had such a wonderful birthday and it was the perfect way to start the week off.

Thursday, my favorite day of MMW, was unforgettable. The Cookout at the W in downtown Miami was our first stop. If this event takes place next year, you definitely have to go! The Cookout was completely free, we just had to make sure we RSVP’d online and got there early enough before the venue reached full capacity. The W is a hotel with multiple pools, bars, and spacious lawn areas to host events. The Cookout was located on ‘The lawn” area of the hotel. What I really liked about the set up is that even though it was at the hotel where people were staying, The Cookout was completely exclusive to RSVP members only.

Miami Music Week Birthday Festivities (13)It had an area with tall green hedges and a stage. In the space was also a pool only open to the guest attending the event. Next to that pool area was a super exclusive bungalow, which doubled as an “artist lounge.” My friend Stacy was working the event and gifted me with 5 VIP artist bands for my birthday, allowing us complete access to the artist lounge with complimentary food and drinks. Are you kidding me?!?!?! Day two and things could not get better… or so I thought.

We chilled in the artist lounge, which was three stories. The first floor had Umek spinning in a living room area with a couch, making the vibes super intimate. The second floor had a room where they were serving drinks and the third floor was an open rooftop that over looked party and the beach. We spent some time in the bungalow where we met several artists, whom my boyfriend and our friend Erik made connections with because they are music producers as well. They were all so friendly and down to earth.

Miami Music Week Birthday FestivitiesMy favorite part of being in the artist bungalow was when I ran into Mija. If you don’t know who she is, I advise you to look her up. She’s a girl producer/DJ who kills the EMD scene. Her 2017 EDC Las Vegas set is one of my favorites, which I of course told her when I talked with her. Back at the lawn, Slushi was going b2b with GG Magree, another awesome girl DJ. The party was bumping. After spending all day out in the sun, we ventured back home to recoup and get ready for another Nu Management party at SHOTS in Wynwood. DJ Kyushu, who is my boyfriend, Grant, and Nitti Gritti played and everyone head banged! Thursday was an overall blast.

Friday we spent the day at RVDIOVCTIVE & Friends at The Cape, a rooftop party. There were DJs, like Golf Clap and Soul Clap, playing super tech house vibes that kept the crowd grooving. This was also a free event where you just have to RSVP online and make it before it reached full capacity. The rooftop was small but it did not feel over packed at all. While I was there I made friends and danced, while the sun set over the Miami city. It suddenly became night and the Rezz and Malaa show was approaching. My boyfriend and I were the only ones attending this show besides Gabe, a friend we made at Ms.cheezious.

The venue was at Soho Studios in Wynwood, and was huge with a warehouse feel. Everyone was shuffling and tons of people were showing up from Ultra Music Festival. The plus to being at MMW, is that even after going to a music festival all day, there is still shows going till 5 am, some till 5 pm the next day. After being there for some time and talking to the right people, we wound up VIP and the backstage area where Malaa, Tchami, and REZZ were all chilling. My boyfriend was thrilled because Tchami is such an inspiration for him and the reason why he focuses a lot on producing house music.

Grant got to snap a pic with Tchami and Malaa right before we made our way back to the stage to see REZZ play. She’s such a talented artist, I felt happiness as she played her set because I have never watched an artist feel the music the way she does. You could tell she knew every beat to all of her songs. She had this natural flow about her and it was so beautiful to watch her play her set. This stood out to me from all the artist I watched over the week because you could just tell that she felt the music and she wanted you to feel what she felt too.

Wynwood Art District MiamiSaturday, the last day of our MMW adventure. We had originally planned for a pool party, but after three days of straight parties and birthday surprises, we decided to chill for at bit. We packed up the Airbnb, made lunch, and then headed out for the rest of the day. The art district was in route where Grant, Erik, and I explored the artwork. We took some snap shots for their Black Diamonds project and rocked some gear from our friends at Team Black Out. Once all the photos were taken we were hungry again and ready to eat. I suggested Wynwood Yard, which I also recommend trying out if you are in the area. The concept is pretty cool. It’s all outside and there’s live music being played right in the center by the bar. There is multiple food truck vendors which offer food like jerk-style, mac n cheese, bbq, and vegan bowls. I of course chose Della, the vegan food truck. So good.

It was now time to drive downtown for the Confessions show at the Treehouse. This was my favorite night time venue. It had two main rooms inside and an outside area with picnic tables, artwork, and a bar. Once again, we made new friends who joined us on the dance floor. The first space we were in soon became filled and a bit crowded. Luckily, the music was set up to play in both rooms. Inside this second space there was a bar where both bartenders were playing with fire and lighting shots on fire as well. It was super cool to see all the tricks they had up their sleeves. Another thing I liked about the venue was the trees they put inside making the interior resemble an outside setting. Overall, the Treehouse was a nice set up and definitely a great way to end MMW 2018.

Miami Music Week Birthday Festivities (12)One last tip I have for you, if you do plan on making it for MMW 2019 (which I hope you do!) is plan in advance! Round up your rave fam and look for an Airbnb before prices go up. You don’t want to loose your Miami home base to another rave crew because your procrastinated!

So many memories were created in mind from my week in Miami. I could not have spent it with a better group of friends. The music, the scene, the city, and the vibes were all beautiful in their own way. I hope all of you can make it to Miami Music Week some year and experience the music culture in full effect. There is huge diversity in all the music and venues, which is one of the reasons why I think MMW is a must-do! There is so many wonderful artist to be seen and vibes to be shared within the rave community.

~Maria Alexa


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