Colorful Rave Hair Without Commitment

I love my blue hair; dark brown just doesn’t suit me. Changing anything about your hair, whether it be length, color or just adding some bangs, can transform the way people look at you and the image you portray of yourself to the world. This is something I love playing with and the easiest way is through wigs!

I prefer to buy my wigs at a lower price point.  It makes more sense to me to purchase a wig that will last me a few trips to the club, rather than dole out a ton of cash for a few pricey ones. This approach has allowed me to add more colors to my collection.

You’ll never catch me pouting because a champagne shower ruined a $100 wig investment and let’s face it, there’s no way you’re going to leave an event at 3 a.m. having not been sufficiently covered in sweat.

Sweat can create havoc on wigs! Pro Tip: Use a wide tooth comb to get through knots and frizz. Maximize a wigs wearable life = Proper combing.

Here are some of my favorite wig looks for gogo dancing and for fun at EDM events.  Click or tap for product info.

I wore this wig when I gogo danced at the Hard Rock Cafe’s Annual Halloween party, Monster’s Ball. This red is the perfect shade which gives it a natural look unlike more “cherry red” versions.

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Ever wanted to try out some bangs with the commitment and possible regret? This wig is great for trying out a new style.  I wore this wig gogo dancing with Mystic Flares for Comic Con at the Tampa Convention Center.

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I wore this blue wig to Ultra Music Festival and a Troyboi event.

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Wigs with multiple colors look amazing, especially if you plan on wearing all black.  I wore this purple/teal combo wig on Holy Ship with a black swim suit and for photo shoot with Leslie Madewell (left).

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Mid-length wigs are great for events where you know it’s going to be hot. Always wear a wig cap unless you want to be itching all night! This pretty green wig I wore gogo dancing at Tampa club, The Kennedy.  Don’t forget you have the option to cut your wigs to obtain a mid-length look.

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