Corporate Slackrs

This group considers themselves the “wildcards” as they can play whatever genre they want.  Florida grown Corporate Slackrs began their musical endeavor in 2012, with the vision of making energetic records breaking the genre barrier.  Devin, Sean, and AJ make it work as they are spread out from LA to Orlando.

They say they started off with an electro house-trap sound, and have transitioned to more of a melodic, feel good dubstep-trap sound.

Their big break was with “Smash” an electro house song.  With support from Steve Aoki and close friends, Adventure Club, they feel like they have finally found their fit in the industry.

Check out their remix of GTA’s “Red Lips” below!
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Check out the guys on their Corporate Slackrs website and social medias.




Corporate Slackrs Website
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