Crashing the “Boys’ Club”

If you haven’t noticed, women play a huge part in the EDM world.  For those of you who have a problem with that, get over it or get out.  We are here to stay and you can count on more and more females taking power positions in the business.  EDM Biz 2016 recognized this and wanted to address the objectification of women by scheduling an impressive panel consisting of industry power players to discuss the topic, Beyond the Boys’ Club: What’s Next for Women in Dance Music.

The Panel:

Moderator: Katie Bain, Contributing Writer at Beatport, Insomniac, LA Weekly, The Huffington Post
Liz Garard, President & Founder, Nap Girls
MacKenzie Reynolds, Publicity Manager, Capitol Music Group
Matthew Adell, Founder, MetaPop
Neda Azarfar, Vice President, Marketing Communications, The Recording Academy
Nicole Moudaber, Artist
Sarah Polonsky, US Editor, DJ Magazine

Beyond the Boys Club

As the panel begins, it’s clear that it’s not taken seriously by a portion of the conference attendees. A considerable amount of people leave; but making a statement, DJ Tommy Sunshine stands in the back as if making a statement to those exiting the room.

Women need to empower and mentor other women.

The most profound acknowledgment was that women need to empower and mentor other women. We need to stand together and educate women on how to act and behave, said Nicole Moudaber. Liz Garard commented that there would be a lot more women working in the industry if we support each other. Matt Adell was in agreement and added that there are men who definitely know of the bias against women and don’t want to confront it; and those men should be shamed. “At some point, someone is going to put you down; that’s because you’re successful,” claimed Matt in regards to women trying to reach higher positions. Avoiding “slut shaming” and villainizing girls will also help manage the issue at hand.

Women of EDM’s founder and CEO, A. Re, closes the panel with the question, “What is the best way to challenge men in power who ride the womanizer train as a status or publicity stunt?” There was no definitive answer, as the question was more to draw attention to the male artists who disgracefully partake in actions of that sort. Though, Sarah Polonsky confidently ensured that things will change and suggests we approach the situation with a “hit them back” attitude. Yea Sarah!