Cray Says Women Are Unstoppable

Photo courtesy of Myles Standish Pettengill III

Just being treated as an equal. Pay-wise, respect, all of the above. For me, a big thing is just being respectful in any way possible, and I feel like it lacks a lot towards a woman, and my expectations are super low compared to men. I feel like there’s always just a ceiling, and I feel like it’s hard for women to feel confident enough to break past that, but once we do, we’re unstoppable.

Cray’s response when L.A.-based photographer, Myles Pettengill, asked them the question: What’s the hardest thing about coming up in the music industry as a woman?

Pettengill was at the 10th annual Hard Summer Music Festival to capture some of the female performers on camera and to hear them out.

Original article published by BEN BARNA on Nylon, HERE.