Dada Life Banana Eating Challenge & Interview with A. Re

It’s been nearly a month since we teased over a million Dada Life fans with the release of our Banana Eating Challenge Preview video. Today is the day you get to see it!!!

Experience the ambiance of the Dada Life Evolved Tour and dive strait into my interview with Stephan. After a few obscure questions touching on zoo animals, led visuals, champagne and feathers, Leah Culver, and I propose the “Banana Challenge.” Without giving Stephan a second to turn us down, we make room for Leah and our 3 bananas are set up for the count down!


Instantly throat-deep in potassium.

Yes, Stephan wants to ride an ostrich!

Yes, we want to see a chorus on stage with Dada Life singing, “The Shit is Bananas!”

Yes, be jealous of our Banana Challenge and the true winner: Miss LEAH CULVER!!!!

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