Dada Life Magnificent Rave Spa Review

1Dada Life and the Dada Land show is beyond words. The creative minds behind the production deserve major recognition because that shit is out of control fun.

2“Last Night on Earth” is one of my favorite all time tracks. I even used it in a memorial video for my best friends grandma when she passed recently.  That being said, you could imagine my excitement when I was invited to the Dada Life Magnificent Rave Spa at The Raleigh Hotel, Friday, March 19th, during Miami Music Week. I only had a short window of time to stop by, but I still wanted to attend the event to show my support for Olle and Stefan. 

I was solo at the time but I figured I would run into someone I knew working the event. Therefore, not having my team with me wasn’t bothersome. That didn’t exactly play out as planned.5
The people at the door were dicks. Acted like it was a joke when I said I was on the guest list. Made me wait off to the side looking like an idiot.
6As I’m being ignored I see this guy inside approaching the line. Soooooo good lookin I almost melted. He had a familiar face and I realized it was this guy from an interview I just read, Jace Cohen, Dada Life’s tour manager.
I was about to leave before I had this beautiful vision. Instead of throwin up the deuces and strutting off to the next location on my itinerary, I find myself calling out his name, “Jace!” He comes over to me. I introduce myself, and though I know he is busy and waiting for his artists to arrive, I explain I can’t get anyone to help me with the list issue. He promptly gets the right guy in front of me and wishes me a fun time. Boom. Cohen made my day.

Yoga at the Rave Spa

Yoga at the Rave Spa

So the guy who arrives with the list is cool. Crosses my name off and gives me a general admission ticket. Yes, a GA ticket. I asked for him to double check if there were separate media bands left for me and he said no. Disappointing. 8
I enter the Rave Spa to see the pool is packed, the stage is crowded, and everyone is having fun! I had not been notified in advance of the set schedules; consequently, I arrived too early to actually see Dada Life. Though, to my delight, What So Not is on deck. Another favorite artist of mine.
9The scene plays out as expected. Successfully full people who are enjoying the perks of being at a “rave spa”. The Rules of Dada Land are posted up around the pool, which add a special touch to the theme. Mouth masks are handed out at the door which are worn like medical breathing masks, but are paper and have the “One Smile” grin printed on the front. Many people are partying with rave spa white robes- looked really cool, actually.

10I wander close towards the stage to catch a glimpse of the set up and see if I know anyone behind the divider. I do see a photographer friend but the music is so loud he would never hear me if I called out. I had already felt like an idiot with the line drama and I wasn’t about to wave my arms desperately in front of people for a second dose of idiot. Having access to the other side of the dividers was just not going to happen; which is unfortunate because how am I supposed to observe and describe the crowds faces and interactions to the artists?  Perhaps looking at the back of people’s heads was the objective behind the GA ticket.

With having ventured passed the pool and seen the stage my visit to the Dada Life Rave Spa was over. Actually, it was more like the Rave Spa, minus the Dada Life. I had no intentions of chillin by myself, behind a crowd, waiting for Dada Life to come on. I enjoyed a few minutes of What So Not then I peaced out to the venue where my team was hanging and drinks were complimentary.
Best part about leaving, I got to say goodbye to the hottie tour manager. Good hire Dada Life!

~A. Re

PS Pictures compliments of OHDAGYO.  They had a photo pass : )


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