Day 3 of Moogfest 2017 took us by storm!

Moogfest 2017

The festival was in full swing and you could feel the electricity throughout the streets and of Durham. There was a general sense of something special going on, conversations orbited around the experiences attendees were gleaming from.

Synth design icon Dave Smith shared the stage with Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (Stranger Things, S U R V I V E) to discuss the finer points of Dave’s Prophet-6 synthesizer design. Legendary synthesist and winner of the Moog Innovation Suzanne Ciani performed a gorgeous journeying and melodious set on her Buchla synthesizer in full quadraphonic audio, letting sound spin around the room in a dizzying and spatially expansive way.

Dr. Steven Goldfarb and Dr. Kate Shaw opened the world of the largest man-made object and particle smashing super-structure, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This talk took Moogfest into the realms of deep science and the nature of reality’s composition itself.

As Future Sound programming began, KING took the stage, giving us sweet, soulful grooves and big sounds.

Octo Octa’s set in the Armory was a great way to kick off the evening with smooth breaks and pulsating bass. Afterwards, Detroit legend K-Hand played a slamming set of squelching acid house and techno, flawlessly weaving the tracks for an elevated dancing experience. Over at the MotorCo, Wolf Eyes tore the place down with a growling, snarling noise set that defied any standard of musical convention. While next door, we were graced with hip-hop savant Flying Lotus who expanded our minds with impressive lyrical prowess and broken beats.