Decipher The Code’s Newest Single – “Same People”


As its name implies, The Code is more than a band. It is a language that we all understand, music. Through its mysterious online presence, The Code, like an urban legend or meme, cultivates its aura, one social post at a time. “There is so much power in sound,” reads one. “Hope… Belief,’ reads another. “Becoming more and more transparent through music” and “No, music. Just the world. It’s soothing.” read a couple more. Their newest release, “Same People” marks their first single in 2017, a profound, insightful number that inspires the listener to dig deep to find the innate inner connection between humans.

The Code – “Same People”

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“Humans are humans. We all have emotions, issues, likes, loves, hardships, ups and downs. Everybody experiences these things and many more things in different ways but at the end of the day we are all share them.” – The Code

Formed in England in 2014, The Code has garnered steady attention with its holistic approach to sound via two coveted mixtapes, 1/11 and Blue Electronica. 1/11, released in 2015, featured British neo-soul crooner Kaleem Taylor who pricked up everyone’s ears in 2013 on “Promesses” with French house master Tchami, and Oakland rapper G-Eazy, who has opened for Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne. 1/11 also included “Natural”, a song inspired by Aaliyah, one of the band’s deeper influences.

The Code’s 2016 followup, Blue Electronica, featured Canadian-Guyanese P Reign and Atlantean Kas Flow, two of the most noteworthy rappers in the international scene. Singles from Blue Electronica like “Azure”, and “Electronica” highlight The Code’s simultaneous commitment to experimenting more with a variety of vocals. In that spirit, the band also recorded a haunting cover of Gnarls Barkley’s uber funky “Crazy”, a testament to its versatility and its ability to make ionic sounds its own.

Stylistically, The Code echoes some of music’s more adventurous acts: Arctic Monkeys, The xx, Calvin Harris, Years and Years, Frank Ocean, James Blake, Miguel. Hip hop, jazz, rock, R&B, rare groove, and ambient, reverberate through The Code via ghostly atmospherics, keenly calibrated beats, soulful vocals, and innovative rhythms — all recombined in nuanced, original ways. It’s a pantheistic approach, unifying ideas from across the sonic spectrum, generating an endless ripple of fractal audio. And it’s all part of The Code’s ultimate, grander goal. “The category we want to be apart of is ‘Great’ not urban, not pop, not weird. Just great”. The next steps in The Code’s ambitious goal to transcend genres by vividly synthesizing them include a London show in February with tastemaker outlet Pigeons and Planes and a tour of Europe and America where fans and the curious can experience the online mystery in three dimensions and surround sound.

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