Denim on Denim ~ EDM Style Guide by Samantha

All Denim To The Laces ~ EDM Style Guide by Samantha

Oh helloooooo, my angels! I couldn’t tell you how happy I am to see you’ve still found yourself back to me. I’ve been plotting how you’re going to be living your best life in all the latest trends that Sister here is handing right over to you so you can put a smile on my face when I see you looking next level fierce. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and find yourself in things you’ve never thought about before, like denim on denim. All that I’m showing you this week is made for not only me, but for YOU too. I want to see you thriving in the best outfits and making everyday a fashion show. When you’re walking down the street it should feel like walking down a runway. I am LIVING to see you work it just the way Sister taught you. I know you haven’t been reading every week for nothing, you’ve def got this!


This week is giving me serious Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at the American Music Awards back in 2001 feels. Remember the two wearing the iconic denim on denim ensembles? What’s even more iconic than that? YOU. As you’ve come to learn, I’ve got a denim obsession. It’s not only about jackets and boyfriend jeans, but also skirts, overalls and dresses. Oh yes, I said it. OVERALLS. Don’t shy out and close your browser at the thought of so much denim because even you can have an immortal moment by pulling off overalls.

You’re much more unforgettable than any denim on denim boyfriend/ girlfriend combo. With that said, let me show you what outrageous get-ups I’ve prepared for you this week. Think: REFRESH. I’m not only refreshing this EDM Style Guide, but also your wardrobe.

Blue Pinstripe Denim DressTell me right now that this isn’t the most adorable little pin stripe dress you’ve ever seen in your life! I’m seriously picturing how many outfits you could put together with this cutie for your next night out.  You wont have to loose sleep the night before from over-thinking what you’re going to wear.  Have sweet dreams because I got you with this outfit. Wear your favorite vintage tee underneath this, throw on your classic pair of vans or your docs, and you’re bringing fashion week vibes to whatever event you, my angel, are attending. I’d rather kick it, sit back, and watch you do your thing at the next upcoming festival or show you attend than watch any VS model walk down the runway any day.

Petite Blue Pinstripe Pinafore Denim Dress $43.00

Black Oversized Denim ShirtOversized is THE size. Anything oversized you can dress up or dress down. Feeling like you’d rather have a more laid back vibe? Put on this Black Oversized Denim Shirt with a lacey bralette (perhaps yellow?) and any boots in your closet. Add a simple choker with a blown out hairstyle and you’re VIP at my show. You won’t have to worry about the possibility of taking a tumble when you’re singing along to your favorite DJ’s set because you’ll be for real, comfier than you’ve ever been in this. Wait, you said what now? You want to step your game up? OKUR… I knew I was doing something right! Throw this on with platforms taller than a sky scraper and show off those killer legs that give Sister here the feels. You got it my angel, why not flaunt it?

Black Oversized Denim Shirt $60.00

Blue Denim Pocket Mini SkirtOh no. There’s no such thing as too much denim. Who said that? You could live the next decade of your life in all denim and I’ll still be in the stands cheering you on. Sauce yourself in this distressed and vintage look. It will make everyone lust for your style more than the desire for Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday. But guess what? Like they ain’t getting their Chick-Fil-A, they ain’t getting YOUR personalized trappings either. Whatever impression you’re going for, it’s happening in this denim mini skirt. I’m thinking maybe a leather jacket to go with it? Or that crop top you that’s sitting in the back of your closet that you need an excuse to wear. Belt or no belt, oh hunny, I know you’ll look fascinating.

Blue Shadow Pocket Denim Mini Skirt $43.00

Get It Together OverallsVintage. Distressed. Denim. Don’t you just live to hear those words? You’re about to be Danity Kane, show stoppin’ in these Get It Together Overalls. We’re taking denim to the next level in this ensemble. I’m thinking we take it back to the basics, with a bandeau. Your favorite color is about to be my favorite color when you throw it under this cutie. Make serious moves in this with a pair of booties of your choice. Sister trusts you now. You’ve been breezing through my classes with nothing but straight A’s.

Get It Together Overalls $118.00

Denim Bandeau TopSimple, yet Sam approved. This babe is going to look boujee on you. I already see it now. I’m thinking with joggers and a pair of kicks; you’re leaving me with my jaw on the floor. This Denim Bandeau Top is on point and leaving you on fiiire. This will flatter you’re already perfect little self with it’s neck line and zip-up design. Channel you’re inner model because that’s what you are to me. You’re my model and I’m waiting back stage at the runway; I’m always your number one fan.

Mid Wash Denim Bandeau Top $12.00

So tell me you haven’t just created a new found love for denim?!?! Denim doesn’t have to be just jackets and jeans, but dresses and tops too. All these beauties, on your already beautiful self, will leave you smiling in the mirror. Whether you’re looking for a chill, off-duty vibe or chic night out, you’re going to be looking like an absolute denim dream. I’m so proud of you. Let me see that boss girl attitude I know you got. You’re looking like heaven right now and I’m loving every second of it.

Until next week….

Stay slaying,
~Samantha Hogya

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