Has Audien ever performed a strip tease?

Wait, WHAT?!?!?!

Audien shares his crazy fan experience, if he’s ever used the line: “Do you know who I am?”, speaking on panel for Promo Only, being home sick, tattoos, life on the tour bus with Morgan Page, and so much more in this interview. Listen as Audien and his friend, Alan, play Never Have I Ever with A. Re and Mary from Women of EDM.

You can listen to the audio in this youtube video or skip strait to the convo below.

Audien Plays

Never Have I Ever

A Re: Never have I ever had a crazy experience on a tour bus?
Audien: No, I have never. However, like, when I was on a tour bus-
Alan: Never have I ever- however (laughs).
Audien: However.
A Re: Yes, of course!
Audien: The one time I was on a tour bus, it was like very monotonous. Everyday kind of went the same way. So, there was no real, like, crazy moments.
A Re: So, the crazy was normal.
Audien: It was at the show, yeah, it was in the green rooms and stuff. It wasn’t really like, in the tour bus because we all just slept there. I was on this Morgan Page tour, you remember that one [Alan]?
Alan: I remember.
Audien: It was very sterile.
A Re: So, no one brought the crazy back to the bus?
Audien: No, it was very sterile.
Alan: I don’t think he’s…Morgan’s not really that kind of guy.
Audien: Yeah, Morgan’s a very like, cut-and-dry dude.

Mary: Never have I ever had a crazy fan experience?
A Re: I mean, we know not on the tour bus-
Audien: Okay, I have. This one’s interesting, this is more recently. So a week or two ago, I was playing in Chicago.
A Re: That’s my home town : )
Audien: Yea? This guy, I don’t know if he’s a fan of me, but he was a fan of me technically because he was in the crowd. Maybe he knew my music but he like, came up, somehow he got past the barricade things, got up on the stage, jumped up on the table somehow-
A Re: On your table?!?
Audien: On the table where the decks were. Stood on a CDJ. Broke the CDJ, and literally he stood there at least 7 feet off the ground and just like, put his arms out like this (opens arms strait out), and just fell face-first and hit the ground. Like a sack of- like sticks. Like planks.
Alan: Like a swan dive.
Audien: Swan dive! But he didn’t brace himself either.
A Re: To the stage floor?
Audien: To the stage floor. He didn’t brace himself at all. He just like, went down.
A Re: Did everyone cheer when he went down?
Audien: Well no-
A. Re: Or were they like, “Oh my God!”
Mary: Or were they like- Was there a gasp?
Audien: It was like, really weird. Everyone was like, really confusing, including myself. And he was just like, unconscious- He was! He was bleeding from his face.
Mary: Buzzkill.
A Re: That’s uncomfortable.
Audien: No shit. They had to like, carry him off the stage. It was horrible. And then I was just like, “Alright, I’m just going to continue playing.”
A Re: (Impersonates Audien) “So we’re going to keep playing. Don’t mind the gurney.”
Alan: The show must go on.
Audien: It was great. So yeah, that was probably one of the more recent ones.

A Re: Alright, I’ve got a good one for you. Never have I ever used the line, “Do you know who I am?”
Audien: Never.
A Re: No?!?!
Audien: Never. And I never will either. That just sounds douschy.

Mary: Never have I ever been home sick?
Audien: All the time.
A Re: Friends and family?
Audien: Ah yeah. You know, on those long stretches. Usually, going in Europe and stuff.

A Re:  Never have I ever spoke at a music conference?
Audien: Oh, I definitely have.
A Re: You have?
Audien: Yeah.
A. Re: Which one?
Audien: Well actually, every year there’s these Promo Only Session in Atlantic City. And it’s a lot of guys doing mix show and radio and stuff. They all come together and I did a panel there.

Mary: Never have I ever photobombed another artist?
Audien: Oh, yea!
Mary: I know, everyone’s like DUH!
A Re: You jumped in the background like-
Audien: Yeah definitely, at least a hundred times, try to.

A Re: Never have I ever received a gift from a fan?
Mary: What’s the best?
A Re: Or the most creative?
Audien: Well I got this candy one time that was like, literally (holds hands up to show how large it was) this big.
A Re: Oh, like jewelry?
Audien: It was just like this big bracelet and it said ‘Audien’ and it was just like all different colored pearlers.
A Re: Did they make you do the, [PLUR hand sign] the P-
Audien: Yeah I had to do the little thing …
A Re: I showed her [Mary] how to do it and she kept going, “What does that mean again?” But, I remembered because I did it at a conference, with EDM Biz, and they made Pasquale do it! So I saw him do like, the signs-
Audien: Amazing.

A Re: Never have I ever got a tattoo? 
Alan: Me?
Audien: Got a tattoo?
A. Re: Yeah.
Audien: Like four.
A Re: Anything significant?
Audien: Just a couple [Points to one].
A Re: A wolf?
Audien: No, it’s a coyote. Then I’ve got a few others.

Alan: Never have I ever played a prank that went terribly wrong? Sure, I have.
A Re: I have.
Audien: I haven’t.
A Re: Where I completely regretted it and I was like, oh my God, that was not funny.
Alan: Yeaaaaaah.
Audien: Ouch, so?
Mary: I can’t think of any.
A. Re: No?
Alan: What was it?
Audien: I don’t have one.
Mary: Story? Is it good?
A. Re: I have a good story.
Alan: Mine was, I pants’d my friend on a beach, in Portugal, that was just filled with people. In front of-
Audien: Children.
Alan: Hundreds of people.
A Re: Innocent children?
Mary: He got arrested?
Alan: But it just like, went too well. Like I was just like, fucking with him, and then it actually just like, went all the way down. And was butt naked, and then he chased me for about like, a good five minutes, throughout the beach.

Audien: Never have I ever man-scaped? I’d hope! I mean … [Audien holds up ‘I HAVE’ sign.] A Re: We saw a flash of ‘I HAVE’. Alright if you don’t mind one more, and then we’ll wrap it up? Let’s pick a good one. Never have I ever performed a strip tease?
Audien: No.
Mary: No.
A Re: Alan?
Alan: Have I never?
A Re & Mary: Have you?
[Alan holds up the ‘I HAVE’ sign.] A Re: Alan’s the first one in two days to say,”I have!”
Mary: Everyone says no.
Audien: The first one!
Alan: But to be like, funny. More of like a joke.
A Re: And, your reaction?
Alan: My reaction?
A Re: No, the crowd reaction?
Alan: The crowd? I mean, there was no crowd.
A Re: Oh.
Alan: There was maybe-
Mary: Girlfriend.
Alan: One person (laughs).
A Re: I love it. Well, thank you so much for playing ‘Never Have I Ever.’



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