Electric Daisy Carnival 2015 Orlando Experience

EDC lineup

EDC mornings start off similar to most, with the exception that when I look in the mirror I’ve got excitement, fear, and determination staring back at me. Every emotion reads clearly on my face, so I do my best to cover the unfavorable ones with makeup.

Conversing with people through Q & A generally fascinates me, though, there’s always an apprehensive factor in the interview equation. Speaking to anyone comes natural, but when its arrangement requires multidimensional facets like media credentials and numerous pre-approvals, I get maddddd anxiety!  Inquisitions run through my brain, from my initial request till interview time is up. Like, OMG what have I gotten myself into? Am I in over my head? Can they tell my throat is super dry? Are my questions inappropriate? Am I making nervous jokes that aren’t even funny? The possibility of failure stands out more than ever.
This weekend I’ve got my girl Mary working with me. I’m so excited because we are debuting our “Never Have I Ever” Interview Game. I’ve packed our schedule with artist interviews for both days. One thing you always have to keep in mind is as much time and effort that goes into your spreadsheet, it’s never going to play out perfectly. Re-arranging, waiting, and traveling to meet artists and managers in last minute locations is standard.

The game strategy comes through for us on another level! Even the managers, friends, and girlfriends, all want to get in on the action.


Never have I ever artist pics

Adam and Pridef of Cocodrills are all about photobombing other artists. Mary and I got to explain what man-scaping was to Crizzly. Ferry Corsten and Audien had fan experiences I could never have imagined. As did Flux Pavilion, who shared a story about a girl in Texas who jumped on stage and beat up one of his security guys. After playing it safe for majority of the game, Jose Estrada caught us off guard by holding up the “I Have” card in response to, “Never have I ever performed a strip tease.” Quintino shared that his first time stage diving was with Hardwell five years ago in Holland. Seven Lions spoke about being humbled when meeting people with his name tattooed on them. Derek and Scott of Slander said, “I Have” to “Never have I ever rode a ride at EDC,” because every year they like to go on the Ferris wheel. Like me, Jeremy from The Upbeats has the gift of gab. He played bartender for Mary and I and had us cracking up with out of control stories. Gino and Alex from Venice shared streaking and booty call confessions. As anticipated, there was no shortage of entertaining moments while playing “Never Have I Ever.”

On day two, Mary and I were able to sneak away from the green room scene to hang with friends. We got to meet fusion artist, Kevens, and Kaukuta aka Terra Ferma, co-founder of 90’s dance group, Union Jack. They showed us around the backstage trail and we watched Snails as he wrapped up his Circuit Grounds set. When Snails came over to say hi, I totally tried to impress with my “Je m’appelle A. Re” introduction, one of the few things I remember from learning French in high school. Classic.

aLIVE Coverage

Seeing as EDC is notorious for carnival rides, I obviously had to check that off my list of things to do. Mary, Kaukuta and I jumped on one that flipped upside down and spun in every direction. Kaukuta and I screamed in excitement from the second our safety bar locked, while Mary hated every moment, making it even more enjoyable for me. I also saw this amazing ball pit that you would find in a kids play area. My germ inhibitions held me back, though I seriously considered taking the plunge after seeing how much fun people were having in it.

The vim and vigor of the wildly interactive festival gave me an all-time record breaking adrenaline rush. Every expectation I had for Insomniac was met and exceeded at a higher level than anticipated. I was deeply moved by the success Women of EDM achieved and I absolutely LOVED the entire EDC production. I highly recommend if you haven’t experienced Electric Daisy Carnival, that you put it on your immediate list of adventures to pursue.

aLIVE Coverage

That evening while getting ready for bed, I wash my face and there it is; the mirror’s reflection that I looked at the previous morning, minus all the worry and possible doubt. Now post-fest, it’s illuminated with sincere gratification. I feel a wave of emotion pass over me just thinking about it. My special thanks to the whole Insomniac Team, especially Betty Tran, Mike D., Desiree and Kelsi. Thank you to Crystal Garcia, from Electronica Life and Theory X PR Agency, for connecting me with the right people to make EDC interviews happen. And a HUGE thank you to my A-Team member, Mary, for being by my side every step of the way.

~A. Re