Emancipator’s Loci Records Unveils Thoma’s Self-titled Debut Album As First Release of 2017


 Unveils Debut Album via Loci Records

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A bastion for musical creativity, Loci Records and label boss Emancipator have established a reputation for discovering and nurturing some of the finest experimental producers in the world. The latter half of 2016 saw Emancipator and a trio of Loci Records signees Edamame, Tor, and Lapa spread their sound and style across the country to a number of sold-out venues in major markets like NYC, Denver, Vancouver, & more.

2017 is off to a great start for the progrssive Loci imprint, with their first release of the year being a truly unique body of work from the all-new duo known as Thoma. Despite their respective solo careers, the two friends (Tristan and Ben) who have known each other for over 10 years have a great chemistry that translates to the music they make. The duo, whether solo or together, are constantly looking to improve, to test the boundaries of the music they can make. With such textural and emotional depth throughout their debut body of work, the start of the Thoma era signifies the start of yet another groundbreaking calendar for Emancipator and his Loci Records family.

“With this album though, we wanted a looser feel, and I think the jazz influences are part of that. This album essentially came out of a series of extended improvisations where we’d have woodwinds, a guitar, and bass setup and ready to be recorded, and some foley samples and synth sounds ready to go.”

– Thoma

Thoma is a project that grew out of a desire between producers and long-time friends Tristan de Liège (formerly Stratus) and Benjamin Hill (Askanse) to bring together their creative abilities and challenge themselves beyond their solo efforts. Thoma draws from a range of influences, from jazz and world musics to house and techno, and channels these into tracks with energy and groove.

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