Enzo Bennet’s Intimate Spin on The Chainsmokers “All We Know”

Enzo Bennet x Ema x Hugo

“All We Know”

Finding inspiration from his previous cover of “Trap Queen,” Enzo Bennet puts his talents to the test once again. The French artist puts an intimate spin on The Chainsmokers chart-topping hit “All We Know” with the help of vocalists Ema and Hugo.

Enzo Bennet’s creativity is clearly exhibited through his new single as he combines sounds from opposite sides of the spectrum in his new single, out now as a free download. The calming texture of acoustic plucks intertwine with future electronic elements for a soothing and therapeutic effect. There is an innate chemistry on display here as Enzo manipulates Ema’s celestial singing to blend seamlessly with layers of synths and strings. Additional depth and tone are provided by Hugo’s salubrious baritone voice. Dipping into several genres, Enzo Bennet’s indie electronic take on “All We Know” will appeal to listeners of all demographics.

Enzo Bennet is a French Electronic producer, who studied at the S.A.E Institute in Paris, before he moved to London to attend the prestigious Point Blank Music School in Shoreditch, where he fine tuned his skills as a producer. Since then, he has immersed himself in the London dance music scene, gaining inspiration from the wide variety of music genres and styles that only a big capital London can provide. Living in Brick Lane, the city’s east end cultural melting pot, there was no shortage of sights and sounds as well as people that have heavily influenced and inspired this artist’s style of music that truly breaks the stereotypical EDM music mold. Enzo’s tracks have been featured on a multitude of music channels, blogs and videos on the internet, which finally caught the attention of Deadmau5’s label, mau5trap. With several releases under the label, this young driven Parisian is destined for great things. Watch this space.

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