Paradiso Festival 2018


Paradiso Festival is an annual electronic dance music festival held at The Gorge Amphitheatre located on the Columbia River in George, Washington. Humanity and nature share a unique relationship, a mutually interdependent one. Though this relationship is mirrored across all species, none are as magnificent as the one between humanity and nature as a whole. This relationship is fundamentally grounded in the ever changing evolution of technology and the everlasting beauty of nature, driven by the inner-adventurer in all of us. Imagine a Digital Oasis, a world where our seemingly digital lives mesh so effortlessly with nature itself. For one weekend in June, prepare for a two-day adventure into a world detached from our everyday lives, a world where from the moment you enter, you’re in a constant state of euphoria, enraptured by the interdependent relationship of digital and nature. This summer, join us as we transfigure the world-renowned Gorge Ampitheater into our own, special Digital Oasis. Round up your friends, abandon any assumptions or judgments and free your mind to accept the unknown; prepare to embark on a journey to Paradiso Festival 2018!!

Location: Gorge Amphitheatre, WA
Dates: Jun 15 – Jun 16, 2018


Euphoria is a state of elation produced as a means of reward. Paradiso Festival is full of euphoric experiences. Nothing is more rewarding than the thrill of amusement rides. The inner-adventurer in all of us in is a constant state of seeking thrills and Paradiso Festival is the perfect environment for thrill-seekers! When you’re ready to take a break from dancing, grab a friend, head to one of our many amusement rides and channel your inner-adventurer!


Art is everything. It’s everywhere. Art can be natural and raw. It can also be avant-garde and digitally-driven. At Paradiso, art installations will be in abundance, providing our thrill-seeking adventurers with just another way to feed that euphoria. From captivating picturesque drawings to installations designed for interaction, Paradiso offers an array of unique and innovative art installations. We invite you become encapsulated and fully-immerse yourself in a world of mental and visual stimulation.


Humans and nature are both unpredictable in essence. This same level of unpredictability will run rampant throughout our Digital Oasis. Prepare to encounter the unknown as your frolic around the landscape of Paradiso. Nothing is more invigorating than spontaneity. At Paradiso you’ll confront a myriad of performers whose theatrics will redefine your perception of the interdependence of humans and nature.

the gorge

Situated on the Colombia River in Washington and overlooking the Cascade Range, the Gorge Amphitheater is renowned as one of the world’s most exclusive and alluring natural venues. It’s devastatingly gorgeous views allow you to escape to a little piece of heaven on earth. From the calming atmosphere of the grassy terrace to the majestic foothill scenery, there is plenty to keep your mind and body at ease. Prepare for a breathtaking experience at Paradiso that will forever leave you in awe.

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