Sacred Valley – Outdoor Psychedelic Gathering


Brand-New 4-Day Experience, Sacred Valley – Outdoor Psychedelic Gathering

Insomniac’s newest venture illuminates the transcendental side of festival culture, focusing on conscious experiences and esoteric music curation within the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation Sept. 27 – 30, 2018. Festival and Camping Passes are currently on sale at

Insomniac, the world’s leading production company known for uniting more than 4,000,000 attendees across 1,200 concert and festival gatherings around the globe, announces Sacred Valley – Outdoor Psychedelic Gathering, an entirely new festival concept added to its 2018 roster. Debuting at the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation beginning Thursday, Sept. 27 through Sunday, Sept. 30, Sacred Valley honors the cherished conscious festival community while staying true to the evolution and growth of Insomniac festivals. Located in San Diego County – approximately 2.5 hours south of the Los Angeles area – Sacred Valley is the perfect setting for attendees who prefer to experience live music amongst a unique and distinctive community that celebrates conscious growth and creative expression. For a preview into the journey that waits, watch the official trailer here.

Set amidst the lush fields and tree-lined grounds of the largest landmass in San Diego County, Insomniac’s first event of this kind brings a spectrum of visual and music experiences with inspired designs, bold architecture, and natural elements. Each day, fans will journey into a conscious and mindful community complete with 24 hours of music across two specially curated stages showcasing psychedelic music genres. The Elevation dome, a third space to capture the essence of collaborative music spaces for artists, dreamers, dancers and visionaries, will host a variety of immersive experiences including:

• Speaker Panels

• Morning Yoga Sessions

• Breath Workshops

• Health & Wellness Seminars

• Opening & Closing Ceremonies

• Spiritual Dance Astrology VR

• Sound Healing

• Tarot & Astrology Reading

• Body Painting

• Live Art

• Nature Walks guided by the local Native American Tribes

Festival passes, currently on sale at, grant access into the festival and campsite. Creating a unique culture of positivity and togetherness with like-minded individuals, camping will be available across two distinct camps, Camp Lunaris and Camp Solaris. Free to set up in either area that you please, each will bring its own unique vibration of music and psychedelic exploration.

The lineup of artists set to perform at the first ever Sacred Valley – Outdoor Psychedelic Gathering include:

Lunaris Temple

Ace Ventura, Alpha Portal, Astrix, Atmos, Barakuda, Bumbling Loons (Dick Trevor & James Monro), Captain Hook, Dickster, Paradigm, Penta, Perfect Stranger, Ryanosaurus, Shpongle (Simon Posford DJ Set), Sidekicks, Sonic Species, Soundaholix, Treavor Moontribe, Triceradrops, Tristan, Wegha

Solaris Temple

Bix King, Brennen Grey, Christian Smith, D-Nox, Dadon, DJ Three, Gui Boratto, Jimbo James, Julian Jeweil, Kevin Saunderson, Kolombo, Lovelife Party, Marie Nyx, No Requests, Noir, Olivier Giacomotto, Popof, Sebastien Leger, Secret Cinema, Sheff, Shmitty, Super Flu, Tensnake, Thugfucker, Yuli Fershtat

Boasting more than 25,000 acres of federally recognized sovereign tribal land that has been home to the Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeño Indians since 1889, the reservation rests against the beautiful, high mountain wilderness while bringing traces of Southern California’s iconic scenery and ocean views.

As the places we gather are special places that receive a great deal of impact from our presence, Insomniac has committed to adopting environmentally efficient practices at Sacred Valley. Insomniac encourages attendees leave no trace and to leave the land better off than when they found it. General festival practices will also be in place to create a cleaner festival, including the Earth Emporium recycling program, minimal use of LED lighting, and the use of solar energy where possible.

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Los Coyotes Indian Reservation - San Diego, CA