Exclusive: Gary Richards on HOLY SHIP! February Pre-Party

Gary Richards 2016

If you haven’t noticed, the February Holy Ship! Pre-Party is looking strong with female producers Mija, Anna Lunoe, J. Phlip, Nina Las Vegas, and REZZ.  HARD Events founder, Gary Richards aka DESTRUCTO, is the only guy playing on the terrace at Club Space.  It’s going to be an all-out, balls to the walls kinda night as Gary will be playing the opening set, fluffing if you will, for the ladies scheduled to perform.


I had the opportunity to ask Gary a few questions regarding the pre-party terrace line-up and Holy Ship!  Here’s what the HARD Father had to say:

A. Re: What are your thoughts behind scheduling this female line up (with exception of you).

GR: I just saw we had all these awesome DJ’s on the Feb boat and thought it would be cool to have them all play together.

A. Re: It’s been rumored you’ve wanted to create a festival with only female artists; is this pre-party your way of “testing the water” for an idea of what the turn out would be like?

GR: It would be cool but I don’t really want to make a big thing of it. Just want to make sure the girls in our scene get the love and respect they deserve. Whenever I can I will always push for more incredible females behind the decks.

A. Re: How cool does it feel to be the only dude playing amongst such a badass female line up?

GR: Its pretty cool I just want to warm it up and set it up for them. I love being the opener but on this one it could not be any better.  There is a true skill to opening the night it really sets the tone and I want this one to be special.

A. Re: Most people have to put a lot of extra hours in at work to pay for the expenses that come with HS and the pre-parties because it’s so rewarding. You, too, work to make the shipfam experience possible . What is your reward?

GR: Seeing everyone come together and how we all created this massive family around the global. That is the best part of Holy Ship for sure.


Again, that was Gary Richards, aka Destructo, on February’s Holy Ship! activities.  You heard it here first!!  Be sure to buy your tickets ahead of time here.  For more info on the pre-party read In Gary We Trust – HOLY SHIP! 2016 PRE-PARTY.  Mark Martinez from SUBSET also shares about the pre-party experience.  He’ll be joining us at Club Space in Room 2 for the Unofficial Official Party.

See you tomorrow night!

~A. Re