Does Ferry Corsten Give Body Shots?
A. Re & Mary play “Never Have I Ever” with Ferry Corsten and surprise him with a box of Never Have I Ever questions that are in the “Don’t Judge Me” Category. While he has never crowd surfed, Ferry confirms he has done a body shot and shares stories in between the laughter of his answers.

Ferry Corsten Image

A. Re: Never have I ever crowd surfed?
FC: No, never have.
A. Re: Not a crowd surfer?
FC: No, no comment.
A. Re: (laughs) No comment?

Mary: Never have I ever had a fan throw an unusual item on stage?
FC: (shows I HAVE card).
A. Re: I have?
FC: Oh yeah, it was very unusual. It’s something that you find on your equipment on the dj booth, let me put it that way.

A. Re: Never have I ever used the line, “Do you know who I am?”
FC: Never ever. No no no no. You should know who I am.
A. Re: Yea, exactly! That’s how it is.
FC: If you have to say who you are, or once you have to ask that question, you’re on the wrong path my friend.

Mary: Never have I ever had a crazy fan experience?
FC: I have, yeah.
Mary: Story?
FC: Crazy, ummmmmm. This is, well, for me it was crazy honestly, when someone comes up to you and says like, “Can I have your autograph?” Okay great, that’s already cool, and then you do that. Then they’re like, “No no no, can you do it really clearly,” and wipes it off (impersonates someone wiping autograph off arm). Okay, what do you mean? “Yea, cause it’s five o’clock and at seven the tattoo shop opens and I’m just gonna have it tattooed right over.”
A. Re: Oh that’s crazy!
Mary: Wow!
FC: But it was not just a normal tattoo. It was not just a normal autograph. It was over his WHOLE back.
A. Re: I did not think you were going to say that.
FC: No, I mean that’s where you get to the point where you feel flattered or you feel creeped out, you know? I don’t know (laughs).
A. Re: So if you know it’s going to be a tattoo do you purposely do it different than normal?
FC: He told me later. He said, “It can be really big and really clear,” ya know. So I did it. And then he said, “I’m gonna go to the tattoo shop right now.”
Mary: Wow.
FC: I was like, “Okay…”

A. Re: Never have I ever had an airline lose my luggage?
FC: Oh, I have. Yeah.
A. Re: If you travel enough it’s bound to happen?
FC: It really sucks especially when you have back to back to back gigs. When you are not really used to that, you go to the desk.
A. Re: The claim desk?
FC: Yeah the claim desk. And you say, “Oh yeah my luggage is….” Then, okay they found it and it’s still there. So they send it on the next flight. Yeah but you’re out in the morning to the next city, and so on.
A. Re: So it’s trailing you.
FC: So right now… (Smiles and makes inferring cough about what he’s wearing).
A. Re: And you’re on your fifth day of wearing the same clothes (laughs). You’re like, “Catch up!”
FC: Your undies start having size, like, a, b, c, d, you know? It’s really bad. So yeah, you learn, you learn.
A. Re: …To carry on.
Mary: There you go.

A. Re: So if we ran out of Never Have I Ever’s, we had a back-up of, “Don’t Judge Me.”
FC: (Laughs) Alright, okay.
A. Re: If you want to be a little risky we can play this. So, feel free to pull one.
FC: Right now? Pull one out?
A. Re: Yeah, go for it!

FC: Never have I ever done a body shot? Ahhhh, no I have. Oh, and you guys, of course.
A. Re: Yeah, we’re gonna play too, because we don’t know…
Mary: These are all random.
FC: Ohhh so I’m asking these questions now!
A. Re: But you still have to play!
FC: Oh, I still have to play. Okay, yeah I have.
A. Re: Where you the giver or receiver?
Mary: (Laughs.)
FC: Of the body shot? That’s a very awkward question.
A. Re: (Laughs.)
FC: I’ve given a lot of shots (laughs) trust me!
A. Re: So you’ve never laid on a bar and let someone take a shot [off you]?
FC: No, no.
A. Re: Awkward!
FC: If you start asking me THAT question then the whole conversation starts going in a very different direction!

A. Re: Never have I ever man-scaped?
FC: What the hell is man-scaped?
Mary: Everybody asks that.
FC: Is that an American thing, or what?
Mary: Maybe, probably.
A. Re: Possibly. Where you kinda trim and shave the areas all over your body. Not just your face.
FC: Yeah, of course!
A. Re: It’s good hygiene.
FC: Yeah, I know.
A. Re: I have (shows I HAVE NEVER card). I can’t participate in that.
Mary: Yeah, we’re not men.

FC: Man-scaped? (Laughs) That’s the word for that, alright! Never have I ever ended up naked and I don’t know why? Oh yeah, I have. Yeahhhh, (laughs) ya know? Probably in ahhhh….maybe….well, I, no no no. Okay, I have, but I have a great story about someone else. He’s at his hotel room and finds himself naked in the hallway.
A. Re: In the highway?!
FC: Hallway.
A. Re: Oh.
FC: Like, he can’t go back in. That’s NOT about me. I’m not gonna name anybody.
A. Re: Mary, what about you?
Mary: Ummmmm I plead the fifth.
A. Re: Never have I ever ended up naked and don’t know why? All the time, yeah. NO!
Mary: There ya go.
A. Re: Alright, thank you so much for playing with us!


Listen to Ferry Corsten and the girls play Never Have I Ever here.