Festival Fun: Camping with Corn Hole

The other day I was thinking of fun activities that I could bring to all the camping festivals this year.  I flashed back to  TomorrowWorld in Atlanta and seeing campers playing corn hole.  What an awesome game, right?

Corn hole is not fun, said no one ever.

You really are going to have fun if you bring a corn hole game with you to these weekend-long fests. One, it’s a fun drinking game. Two, it’s perfect to pass the time when you have to wait a few extra minutes for your slow poke friends to finish getting ready. Three, it’s a great game to bond over with your camping neighbors!!

It’s a no-brainer. Duuuhhh! Seriously, who doesn’t want to get in on a toss or two?  Of course, TomorrowWorld isn’t in Atlanta anymore, but there are tons of weekend festivals to show off your corn hole game!

I don’t know if I would travel with the boards, but it would be cool to have them at TomorrowLand in Belgium. It would be super fun as an ice breaker when getting to know the international campers surrounding you!


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