Festival Season Means Festival Shades

I get weak in the knees for a sexy pair of sunglasses.

The first thing I see when I’m looking into a crowd of faces is the girls who are wearing the coolest sunnies. Adding a pair of sick glasses to your festival and club ensemble is the most BRILLIANT way to enhance your look. And I love the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a pair or two.  If you think about it, a pair of sunglasses and hairstyle change will transform the look of a previously worn outfit.

It’s up-cycling for the modern day EDM Socialite.

Here’s a few of my favorites from their festival selections.

Click for details or browse the whole Sunglass Warehouse site.

1. Paradise, 2. Blake, 3. Banks, 4. Westwood, 5. Daniels, 6. Octavia

Sunglass Warehouse

PSSST…. Mirrored lenses are for more than looking good! Flip them around to take advantage of their reflection. It’s even better when your friends are wearing them for that very reason! Of course your girls look glam wearing them, but you get the added bonus of checking yourself out in their mirrored lenses!

Oh yeah, Sunglass Warehouse is having a sale right meow!

Happy Shopping Socialites,