Game Face on for EDMbiz & EDC ~*VeGaS*~

A shit ton went down in the week I spent out in Vegas.  From Monday, June 13th to Wednesday, June 22nd, I experience my second consecutive EDMbiz and my first ever EDC Vegas.  Throughout the day parties, night parties, trips to the speedway, and long conference days, I spent little time sleeping, and the WHOLE TIME LOVING EVERY MOMENT OF MY LIFE.

I can’t wait wait to share my experiences with you and it’s all coming shortly.  Be patient because the wait will be worth the videos and stories!

But, before I get started I’m going to pull a Julia Roberts, Pretty Women line out:

“In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.”

That one goes out to Crystal Garcia, Erin Everywhere, Mike D., Patrick Shannon, John Boyle, Mike Jones, Scott Richmond, Brandon Koppel, Harvey Cohen, Steve Aoki, Uncle Barclay, Pasquale Rotella, Jagermeister, Liquid Todd, Danny Valentino, Geronimo, Sirius XM team, the Divine Movement, Mute, Muscles, & Joey D.

In closing, I’d like to use another Vivian quote from my favorite movie to describe my week,

“It was so good, I almost peed my pants!”

~A. Re