Ganja White Night tease new album “The Origins” with Promo Mix

Ganja White Night just released their promo mix for their 12 track full length album “The Origins,” that’s dropping Feb. 5 on their very own label Subcarbon Records.

Known for their unique genremeshing style, the Belgian duo pull influences from reggae and hiphop, mixed with dub & bass creating their signature “wobble” sound. GWN’s promo mix is giving fans a small taste of what to expect Feb. 5 – The order of the tracks really take you on a journey, as if you’re being transported to a new planet dominated by “wobble” music.

“The Origins” Promomix 2018′:

The concept behind “The Origins” is a all about how their sound originated. With a multitude of musical influences weighing equally in their sound, it’s hard to describe their music as just one genre. So what do you do when you don’t fit the genre? You make your own – and that’s how the “wobble” sound was born. On the ride with us we have electronic heavyweights Zeds Dead and Caspa teaming up with GWN on some sick collabs in addition to Boogie T, label mates Dirt Monkey and more! Zeds Dead collab ‘Samurai’ features extended piano intro before diving into a deep bass. True to its name, Caspa collab ‘Unique’ blends a multitude of sounds to create a one of a kind bass-induced trance.

The guys are about to kick off their biggest tour yet on Feb. 8!