Glitter Errrwhere



This new trend of glitter roots and face glitter is TOO CUTE! Omg I love how fun and fabulous it is.  Sparkles make every look complete, right?!?!

Here are some pics of glitter options and if you are feeling a glitter rush, it’s time to get some and rock it at your next festival event.

For hair:  Sprinkle it in your hair and cover with hair spray or combine with hair gel and use your finger to apply.

For body: Apply with brush to area that you already put a clear medium on, like Vaseline or hair gel.

For face: Use a glitter primer or eye lash adhesive.

Click or tap the pictures below for details on Unicorn, Silver Holographic, Fairy Dust, Superstar, Mermaid, Gold RockstarRose Gold, & Candy.