HARD Summer Promo Video Diversion

While everyone seems to be distracted by HARD’s recent release of it’s controversial promo video, I’d like to draw attention to the strategy of the video – which was genius and worked like an f-in charm.

Yea, it’s super cool Gary Richards, HARD Events Founder, is adding a bunch of females to the list.  The message was loud and clear throughout Agata Alexander’s creative video.  Though, there is more too the video than meets the eye.  It completely distracts from the horrific reviews HARD Summer Music Festival 2016 received.  The artist line up from last year could not save the event from the disaster it turned out to be.

Many people left HSMF 2016 saying they would never return.  It was too hot, and not in the attractive, sexy kind of way.  The event, hosted at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, provided little to no shade for it’s attendees.  The layout was terrible with constant entrance and exit shifts. Many people even complained that the audio quality wasn’t up to par for an outdoor festival.

There was also the DJ Khaled fail.

Womp womp.

(Cue the booing).

A review written by Alec Figueroa and Lindsey Shay for Magnetic Magazine was titled,


We need to quit pussyfooting around what a disaster the festival was

It was posted on August 12, 2016, and stated:

Good music won’t make up for treating your fans like a herd of molly-munching cattle from which you only desire to wring profits. At other festivals – even in previous editions of HARD Summer – we would see reaction to the situation on the ground (like how they decreased the price of water bottle from $5 to $2 last year). We don’t take pleasure in writing this, but we have to be honest: For a lot of us, HARD was our first festival, but also for a lot of us, this HARD will be our last.

On the real, HARD needed something huge to push ticket sales and divert from last year’s reviews.

The strategy of releasing this promo video was for it to be a distraction.  Mission accomplished.  Congratulations for this achievement.  With that being said, the video was highly entertaining and I love the message Richards & Alexander conveyed.

I am a huge Gary Richards fan and supporter.  I wish the best for him and the people that attend his shows.  Even if Richards were to take into consideration all of the accounts from last years mess and imply a healthier event environment at this years HSMF, I would still suggest the following for attendees:

Stay hydrated.

Stay protected.

Stay cool.

Pinty Hydration Backpack

If you are a devout festival goer and want to endure the California August heat, make sure you hydrate! I was checking out hydration packson amazon and this pink one was my favorite. It’s priced at $16.99, and comes in different colors. It can hold up to 2 Liters of water, which can definitely come in handy when stuck in a long line to get to another stage.  If you click the link and scroll down, there are other hydration pack options and styles.

Sunscreen can be purchased at almost every convenient store.  Protect your skin from sun damage!

Mini Fan

Bringing a personal mini fan to the event would make you more comfortable as well. There were a few options for those on amazon too.


View the HSMF 2017 Promo Vid HERE.