Holographic Unicorn Nails – OH YES!

You had to have noticed that the hottest trend right now is anything with a holographic shimmer.  These items don’t need the sun to sparkle, they only need you to rock it.  Yes, there are super amazing holographic wardrobe selections ranging from backpacks to pasties but don’t neglect those nails! Click to view the holographic nail polishes available for purchase and see the pics at the bottom for inspiration.  These are always great if you don’t have time to get a set put on at the nail salon. BONUS: When you own the polish you can touch up chips without having to return to the shop!

Holographic Nail Polish


Holographic Nails - On the go manicure pro tip

Keep the bottle of polish in your car.  You have no idea how many times I’m driving to a meeting and look down at my nails to see a chip in one! People probably wouldn’t notice but I personally can’t take my attention off the smallest polish imperfections.  When I park, I give the bottle a firm shake, apply polish to the chipped area, and put my wet nail in front of the air vent for quick drying.

What are some of your On-The-Go tips and tricks for nails?


Holographic Nail Polish