2016 is going to be the year for women in EDM.


Setting the tone for how things are going to roll, Holy Ship! celebrated its February pre party at Club Space in Miami on February 9th.

Gary Richards, aka DESTRUCTO, laced the line up on the terrace with the illest motha fuckin girl squad,REZZ , Nina Las Vegas, Anna Lunoe, Mija & J. Phlip. “[I] just want to make sure the girls in our scene get the love and respect they deserve. Whenever I can I will always push for more incredible females behind the decks,” Richards comments. The pre-party was lit and that energy snowballed onto the stages of the Divina.

Seeing as this was my 5th year attending, it was going to take a lot to entertain me. I’m looking to be impressed. And to dance. Obviously. Holy Ship! signed, sealed, and delivered everything I expected and more…including my first baggage search and medic visit, which I’ll share further down!



The breath of fresh air was most definitely the girls reppin’ on the boat.



Music is one thing, but an artist’s personality and performance can change your interpretation of how you hear what they play. Anna Lunoe has this natural pull towards her. You see her, hear her, and curiosity drags you in. She wears volleyball-type knee pads when she plays so of course I had to ask, “What’s with the knee pads?” Followed by showing off my bump, set, spike skills. She laughs and tells me her knees used to get banged up from jumping around while playing so wearing these was the solution.

Mija is like your friend of years who has turned into your life long partner in crime. Her wardrobe was cute as shit so I playfully called her a slut with the attached warning not to take offense cause I was only jealous of her thigh-highs. So tiny, she stood on her tippy-toes while playing back to back with Jauz, but she still weighs in as a boss.



REZZ and Nina Las Vegas are the shy girls of the crew who delivered master piece performance tunes from behind the decks; which even attracted the attention of Tchami and DJ Snake. I showed REZZ a video of her playing from behind and her reaction was priceless. She grabbed my phone while saying, “I didn’t know I did that with my feet!” I attempted at one point to go on a cabin “Ding Dong Ditch” mission with Nina Las Vegas but at that point in the night my brain checked out and aborted the crazy idea.




Bottom Left: Robby Engle with REZZ & A. RE


Holy Ship! wouldn’t be complete without a robe ceremony where I got my 5 year pin, a media pizza party with red wine- YUM, a trip to the medic for the laceration on my toe from a piece of metal on the stairs, and a security shake-down where my charm saved my ass (and the vodka I smuggled on board).

When I noticed I was the only one who didn’t received the suitcase I checked, I went down to the front desk and security was called. My butt hole immediately puckered because I knew I had a large bag of vodka hidden. This guy escorts me to this room where I select my suitcase, we watch it go through the x-ray machine and see some different colored images displayed on the screen. He asks me to unzip the suitcase and I make a smart remark like, “Why cause you’re not allowed to? How long does this normally take?” He says that they are not allowed to open my suitcase and the search will take five minutes. I respond with, “I’ll give you a minute and a half. AND I’ll help you.” I open the bag and scoop out the clothes on the table, knowing the bag was in between them! He doesn’t notice and keeps looking in the bag. Satisfied there is no prohibited or illegal substances, he says we are finished and that was the most interesting bag search he’s ever done. With the vodka back in my possession, I made a drink in the Big Gulp cup I also packed in my suitcase and continued on.


I had a great time connecting again with Holy Ship All Stars Justin Martin and Claude VonStroke, who was also the special guest. Shout out to newbies Will Clarke and Ardalan . Most Colorful Holy Ship artist goes to Felix Da Housecat. Most talked about set was Flux Pavilion and the “Gold Dust” gold bomb. SNBRN was also highly talked about between shipfam. Porter Robinson had a dope set I caught on Friday. I was also really feelin DJ Snake. Normally, he rolls deep with (what I call) the French Mafia on the ship. They all seem to be up each other’s asses and shit, like not talking to anyone else or showing up to the dj signing to meet fans. This year Snake had a friendlier quality about him. Tchami and Snake, and Marshmello and Jauz had the cutest bromance going on.
Jauz has replaced Skrillex. I say this because I remember people following Skrillex around on the boat to see him dj and interact with the other artists, as if he were some leader of a cult. This year it was all about Jauz! So happy for his fresh sound to be the new-new and I like that Marshmello is a part of the spotlight too. I did like chatting with Marshmello at the artist signing and seeing who he really was…Kidding! He showed up with his head piece on and was wearing a mardi gras-type white cat mask under it.



Honorable mention goes out to Boys Noize for dropping in Daft Punk’s “Da Funk.” He brought the classic flavor and I loved how the bass during his set made my teeth chatter. I’m also a fan of anything to do with skulls or skeletons so I fancied the visuals.


EDM Socialites Maddi & A. RE

Glamorous EDM socialites mingled among EDM industry power players, including artist manager, Moe Shalizi, Senior Vice President of Mitch Schneider Organization, Alexandra Greenberg, video director, Agata Alexander, Cloud 9 photographer, Dave Vann, and photographer and tour manager, Bree Kristel Clarke.


It was a pleasure to chat with DJ photographer Rukes. I joked about other photographers either feeling intimidated by him or feeling like, “fuck you” towards him. He laughed cause I’m right. Duh.




And lastly, a big THANK YOU to my boy, Gary Richards.


I learn something every year from you including respect and appreciation for those working their asses off to make this edm experience possible. I am grateful for the opportunity to be included and I look forward to the dope shit 2016 has in store.

I love you all, ship fam!
~A. Re