I Took Molly for the First Time Ever, at EDC Orlando

EDC Orlandoで初めてモリーを初めて捉えた

This year was the first year I have ever attended any kind of electronic dance music festival.  My boyfriend asked me to go and I really had no idea what to expect. I had heard all of these crazy stories about drugs…they were right. The stories turned out to be true, though crazy in a delightful way.

First, let me talk about the fashion and after we’ll get back to the drugs.EDC Orlandoで初めてモリーを初めて捉えた

EDC Orlandoで初めてモリーを初めて捉えたI had no idea what to wear so I asked around. I was all about wearing my bra and panties when I realized that the culture embraced the female body. It’s a non-judging, non-body shaming culture.  I did, however, give in to the LED trend by purchasing a pair of LED leg wraps. I also went all out and bought a flashing LED belly ring. Don’t tempt me with a good time! (Well actually, I’ve had that belly button ring for 4 years and have been looking for the perfect excuse to wear it.)

浮上ワンドThere were literally girls butt naked, wearing nothing but pasties covering nips and vag. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the first girl wearing pasties. She had a rocking body. I’m not attracted to women though these girls made me second think that. I couldn’t believe my boyfriend wasn’t looking as much as I was! I could do a mesh shirt with pasties, but not pasties alone. Some guys were there wearing tutus. It took some getting used to for that to become ‘normal’ in my eyes.

One of the cool things I saw was a levitation wand that lit up and just floated around this guy. I loved how people had so many glow products. It was just what I thought it would be like.  I even bought glow sticks and handed them out to people for fun. There was a wizard there wearing gloves with LED lights in the finger tips. He would have people wear kaleidoscope glasses and he would blow their mind doing tricks with the gloves.

Normally crowds would give me terrible anxiety but everyone at EDC was so nice. One random girl even tapped my forehead and told me I was pretty and that she loved me. Funny thing was, at that moment I loved her too for that unique encounter.

Everyone was touchy feely, which led me to the impression that a lot of people were on molly, ecstasy, and who knows what else.  It wasn’t a bad thing though.  These people seemed to be having the time of their lives.

Did I mention I tried molly for the first time at EDC Orlando?

I’m normally just a weed kind of girl though this festival was an exception. I was very nervous trying a new drug with a huge crowd of people, but it made the experience that more intense – in a good way. What convinced me to do it? My boyfriend said the sex would be amazing. Plus, he said it was an experience he really wanted to share with me. Would I do it again? Absolutely, but only at another festival.EDC Orlandoで初めてモリーを初めて捉えた

I think everyone should experience a rave once in their lifetime. Thank ya’ll for reading about my first times. If you wanna share any of your stories contact womenofedm@gmail.com, subject: STORY TIME.

~K. Edwards