If I’m going to be at a pool party this summer…

Besides for jumping up and down next to Tiesto at Wet Republic or binge drinking at Splash House, my pool parties will be spent lounging in those super cute unicorn / swan inflatable floaties.

If Calvin Harris was included in the purchase price that would be appreciated.

Taylor Swift: Sorry, not sorry.

The girls at Splash House look so super cute so I wanted to share the link with everyone.  Their bathing suits come in different colors with different sayings like, BAE WATCH, DOPE, CHAMPAGNE CAMPAIGN, BIRTHDAY SUIT, & ROSE ALL DAY.  If you’ve got the body for it, you should totally rock this bathing suit while the trend is still HOT!

Check out the sizzling pic of the Splash House girls (instagram) above!

Get Your Swimsuit HERE


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