Jägermeister in the #HAUS56

DJ Sanjoy

Even though Electric Daisy Carnival officially started on Friday, June 17th, the real party didn’t begin until Jagermeister crashed the scene on Saturday, June 18th.  Las Vegas is known for it’s over the top parties, penthouses, vip lounges, world famous djs and ultra delicious food and drinks.  When the Jager crew showed up, they wanted all of the above.

SLS was the location.  The penthouse was the destination.

Going UP! Penthouse Elevator Mirror Ceiling Shot

Going UP! Penthouse Elevator Mirror Ceiling Shot

Not only did the penthouse have a bar in the middle, it also had a swanky rooftop lounge for everyone to play.  Hors d’oeuvres were served by staff on silver platters, Jager cocktails were mixed on cue, and the music was EDM fabulous.

Having attended private Jager parties before, I knew they would spare no expense at luxury features.  Pool table on the roof top, impeccable guest list and an artist on scene creating what looked like sand art, but was really made from the spices used to create the savory flavors in Jagermeister.

The party was so impressive we almost didn’t want to leave for EDC.  KIDDING!  Jager even hooked us up with a shuttle to the festival, where we continued the celebration on site at #HAUS56.