JEANIE – Disturbance EP Out Now!


Fresh off a string of remixes and originals, up-and-coming DJ/producer JEANIE releases her debut EP, Disturbance. The Brooklyn-based artist has been becoming recognized for her unique blend of trap and bass music, while incorporating hard-hitting and extraterrestrial low-end frequencies.

In just under two years, JEANIE has released an impressive discography of mainly original work, has secured a DJ residency with Brooklyn’s DubDay NYC, and secured two festival bookings.

Consisting of four original tracks, the compilation offers supernatural and spine-chilling sounds paired with superior production and unique sound design. Disturbance blasts off with “NASA,” featuring left-field vocals and heavy drops. Title track “Disturbance” showcases out-of-the-box thinking and spooky sampling, with pounding drums and a demanding demeanor. Ominous melodies take hold in “Cyberspace,” which stands as an expertly produced ode to the underworld, before she ends on a high note with “Control,” a velvety and dark end to her brilliant debut.

JEANIE continues to close out 2017 with a bang as she promotes her hair-raising new release.