JØD x MEID – What I Know feat Maki Flow

JØD x MEID - What I Know feat Maki Flow

This is the first release of JØD and MEID featuring the wonderful vocals of Maki Flow.

Not only did JØD and MEID arrange and produce this track, they also played all of the instruments.  Their talents along with vocals from Maki Flow make for a beautiful and chill collaboration.

The release of JØD and MEID first single with Maki Flow comes just in time for summer.  Based out of Rome, the group added some Italian flare to this track.  It’s easy to see how these three gravitated towards each other through their creative talents.  Though only released on July 5th, there have been many positive comments and the play count keeps rising.  The trio definitely nailed it with this one.  In addition to music, Maki Flow is also expresses herself through fashion design.

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