Just A Gent ‘Heavy As A Heartbreak’ PLS&TY Remix – Free Download

As his Autolaser collaboration ‘Used To This’ smashes past the 1 million SoundCloud mark in under two weeks, PLS&TY slips fans an extra special treat in the form of his superb official remix for Just A Gent’s ‘Heavy As A Heartbreak’, available now for free download.





While Just A Gent’s original was a pacey slice of ‘lovestep’ that popped and spat around Lanks’ vocal, PLS&TY slows things down, taking the track in a more future-bass direction. Rolling percussive build-ups and oozing, expanding synths undulate towards warm organic piano sections, a gentle, laid-back feel to the remix that gives Lanks’ voice the space to flow easily across the entire single.

PLS&TY’s touch on the remix will be easily recognisable to the millions of fans he’s accumulated across the planet in the past 12 months. Dominating the Hype Machine Chart across 2015 no less than 8 times, the LA-based producer’s unique hip-hop influenced remix style mixed with a chilled infusion of future bass has seen him rapidly become the darling of tastemaker press, and those looking for a fresh and unique take on electronic music.

With more music set to drop in the next month, including another coproduction with regular partner Autolaser, PLS&TY is beginning to build on his already hot reputation for remixing as an artist whose original work more than lives up to the hype.

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