Kandi Connections

kandi connections

Funny how a few beads can create an instant connection between two strangers.  I was in the poker room waiting for the cashier to come to the window.  I saw she was counting chips out and on her wrist was a bracelet that resembled a kandi PLUR bracelet.  When she came over I asked to see it. It was!!! I asked how and where she got it.  She said her friend from high school had begun to produce music and DJ at a club. He gifted her the bracelet after someone gave it to him at one of his gigs.  She had received it a while ago though still wears it because of what it stands for.

What a special moment for her to receive that gift. What a special moment for me to hear her story and make a new friend.  Thank you Mikela for sharing!!

What kind of kandi connections have you made?  I swear their positive energy has a gravitation pull.  Share your stories in our WOE FB group: facebook

Have a good night EDM Socialites. Sleep tight,