Lane 8 on “Offstage”

Disco Donnie Presents Welcomes New Face To


Ep. 013: Lane 8

Offstage is a new Disco Donnie Presents video series that chats with iconic DJs behind-the-scenes at festivals about their backgrounds, rise to stardom, and life on the road. The series is meant to inspire the next generation of aspiring artists, highlighting patterns and ideas that have brought their favorite acts to the pinnacles of success within their respective genres. Each new episode will be posted weekly on DDP’s YouTube channel & Facebook.

Disco Donnie Presents continues their informative “Offstage” interview series by inviting a brand new face to take the seat. This week, we begin the latest chapter by welcoming Lane 8. The American artist jumps right into his debut segment by focusing on the importance of location and discussing the major impact his environments have had on his music. The producer explains that his sound has made several transitions, such as funk to tech-house, as a result of each region’s music trends. “When I first started Lane 8, I was still living in San Francisco. I had just moved up from LA, actually, where I went to college and the music that I was making at the beginning of the project was like kind of funky and summery, and like very easy going. Then I moved to frigid, cold Germany and my music got like a bit darker and more serious.” Get to know Lane 8 and learn about the development behind his music by tuning in.

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