I don’t like to be in photos or on camera without lashes.  My natural lashes aren’t very long and they are not thick at all so to add some definition I always apply false lashes before I head out to an event.  I feel like false lashes are one of the most important features on my face.  My most recent favs have been this pair made by Eylure, Number 121, made for Definition. Click or tap the pictures for details on purchasing these fabulous lashes.

Did I mention I’ve worn these things like 5 times and they still look like new?!?! 

Have a peep of some of my pics wearing them above.

I’ve also included the video below, where I’m rocking the Eylure Lashes in my NERVO Interview.

Have a favorite brand of lashes and want to share??

Drop us message telling us which pair are YOUR go-to and WHY?

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