Leah Culver & A. Re: Should Have Brought but Forgot!

After an exhilarating 2017 Miami Music Week, Leah Culver and Women of EDM’s A. Re sit down to share the things they should have brought with them to all of the events throughout the week.  Their detailed list includes why their picks are essential and should not be left at home.  See their 13 items and video below!

Leah Culver & A. Re

Miami Music Week 2017:

Things We Should Have Brought

But Forgot!

  1. Mini battery operated fan

  2. Sunscreen

  3. Mints

  4. Phone charger

  5. Travel size Fabreze

  6. Ponchos

  7. Multivitamins

  8. Ear Plugs

  9. Extra socks

  10. Travel size deodorant

  11. Ziplock bag

  12. Hand sanitizer

  13. Baby Wipes

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