Leah Culver on her Newest Release, FLY, with Marshmello

Leah Culver FLY

Leah Culver vocals have been featured on the new single FLY by Marshmello!

Leah is cultivating her music in an original way that is breaking the barriers of EDM and mainstream pop by combining her talents as a DJ, producer, singer and songwriter. Leah is quickly building a name for herself, and gaining passionate fans and momentum on social media, the festival scene, and on dance floors across the globe. Leah has shined on music festival main stages such as TomorrowWorld, Counterpoint, Magnetic, Impulse and Imagine Festival. Aside from working with Marshmello, Leah has also garnered support from the likes of Adventure Club, The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Benny Benassi, Porter Robinson, Seven Lions, Borgore, Big K.R.I.T. and Trinidad James.

We asked Leah to catch us up on the details of this track, her summer festival plans, & finishing up at Icon Collective.

Any fun or memorable moments in the studio when creating FLY?

FLYMarshmello is such a wonderful person.  He’s always been so kind, wonderful, and inspiring to me so I’m very grateful and excited to finally put out our song, Fly.  We started this record years ago so it’s cool to see how far both of us have grown in that time period.  It’s rare you meet somebody who works as hard as Marshmello and his team.

The making of Fly was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work in the studio with my friend, Jay Gordon. We spent lots of late nights writing different versions to fly!  Jay is the singer from a band called Orgie and is so talented, not only a singer, but as a producer.  I have a lot of respect for him and really enjoyed working with him and learning so much from him along the way.

Why did you want to do this project?

Marshmello and I go back way back and it seemed natural to work together on this record.  The message means a lot to me and really fit the message I always want to put out into the world.  The message is that we are all bright lights in the world that are so capable of doing and achieving all of our wildest dreams.

How has school been going for you?

I am currently in my last two weeks at Icon Collective.  I am so excited to be finishing up and have more time to work on and finish all of this new music that I’ve been working on. Icon Collective has been such an incredible experience and they really helped guide me in a lot of ways during the year. I am so lucky to have gotten to meet so many talented and genuine people

What other projects are you working on?

I’m working on finishing up an EP that I can’t wait to release and I’m very excited to release a few big collaborations that have been in the works for a long time. I’m very excited for this year because a lot of the things I’ve been working on for years are finally falling in to place. I can’t wait to show you our big plans as they unfold!

Will you be sticking to mostly electronic music for future endeavors?

I am always working on electronic music but I definitely have so much fun working on other genres as well, like pop and rock! Music is really part of me so it’s like feeding your soul to switch it up and push your boundaries and grow to new places.

Any summer festival plans?

We are planning out a summer tour right now based on a single I’m finishing up. As far as festivals, I am always most excited to come back to Atlanta and play Imagine Festival in September each year.  The owners of IMF, Maddy and Glenn, have been a big part of my come up and have always been so supportive and wonderful to me so I always go above and beyond for my set at Imagine Festival. Last year I hired an orchestra, kids choir, dancers, drummer, and guitarist for my live set. I’m excited to soon reveal my big plans for this year at Imagine festival!

I’m also very excited about upcoming collaborations with some of my biggest inspirations! Stay tuned!

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