LEVV Premieres Profound New Single “Collateral Damage” via Blackbook; First Look at Forthcoming EP

Together, Audrey Assad and Seth Jones form electronic pop duo LEVV, dedicated to helping music lovers dance through life’s pain by giving voice and rhythm to their own. “I personally want to make pop music that creates space for people to feel both grief and exhilaration,” says Nashville singer and songwriter Assad. “Pain is the quickest way to a deeper level of consciousness,” adds Los Angeles musician and producer Jones. Today marks the official unveiling of “Collateral Damage,” the lead single from the eclectic duo’s forthcoming EP.

LEVV – “Collateral Damage”

Lead Single from Forthcoming EP
Out Now via Enhanced Music 

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LEVV produces pop songs that meld emotional substance with electronic finesse; themes as intimate as the dissolution of Seth’s marriage and Audrey’s escape from a cult are set to a dance beat without sacrificing substance. Rather than scaring people off, LEVV’s seemingly incongruous approach draws fans nearer. “‘Collateral Damage’ is about empathy and compassion even for people that have hurt you,” says Seth. “I believe the way to healing is only through that path, meeting the party that’s hurt you in their own pain and seeing through their experience. We have to step outside of our ego to do that.” Describing how this idea translates into their production process, he says, “Audrey and I are both musicians but she’s a fantastic piano player and writer. ‘Collateral Damage’ was an idea she started and sent to me. I had a vision for it but I built it around what she had created. I started the production with a consideration for her melody and lyric.”

The process is working and the duo plan to stick with it. Inspired by maverick artists as diverse as Frida Sundemo, Bon Iver, Carly Simon, Sarah McLachlan, Bruno Mars, and Robyn, Audrey and Seth plan to keep their collaboration free-flowing and close as interest in it grows. “LEVV has been primarily an indie project so far and that’s given us a lot of freedom creatively,” says Seth. “For me, I care first about working with great people who understand what we do. I think LEVV is a hybrid project. There are parts of it that live in the dance music world, parts that live in pop, and parts that live in the singer/songwriter genre. I hope that our future music glides in and out of those genres.”

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