Louisahhh Says Femininity Makes Her Strong

Photo courtesy of Myles Standish Pettengill III

The hardest challenge I’ve faced as a girl DJ is not necessarily personal. I feel like my femininity makes me strong and unique in a male dominated industry, but facing and combating the ridiculous notion that there are only so many slots on a booking roster, or a festival lineup, for women. That everyone is breaking their fucking arms patting themselves on the back for booking a girl, when it’s still an anomaly if we’re headlining. There is not a dearth in this industry of creative, badass, talented women. It’s a bummer that we might have to look a certain way or play up aspects of sexuality in order to be signed or booked or represented. It is ineffective to keep asking women this question, ‘Why is it so hard to be a Girl’, when we should be asking promoters and agents and managers and labels ‘Why aren’t you including more women?’

Louisahhh’s response when L.A.-based photographer, Myles Pettengill, asked them the question: What’s the hardest thing about coming up in the music industry as a woman?

Pettengill was at the 10th annual Hard Summer Music Festival to capture some of the female performers on camera and to hear them out.

Original article published by BEN BARNA on Nylon, HERE.